June 16, 2024

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Colombia suffers dire consequences after Pedro’s decision to sever ties with Israel

Colombia suffers dire consequences after Pedro’s decision to sever ties with Israel

President Gustavo Pedro announced the severing of diplomatic ties with Israel. | Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra – The Week

The Colombian president, Gustavo Pedro, announced on stage on May 1 that he was ending relations with Israel, an affront to more than 70 years of history and leaving Colombian diplomacy in a very precarious position. In addition to the crime against the Jewish community, it opens up enormous risks to the defense sector, trade and relations with the United States.

By week

According to former President Ivan Duque, President Pedro has long championed the cause of Hamas. Breaking with Israel is a huge mistake. Colombia has been placed on the wrong side of history and is in a very poor position on the international stage. Pedro leaves our country’s foreign policy ridiculous because it is ruled by the gut feelings of the ruling elite. Your decision will cost us dearly. Starting with the United States Congress, we have a Jewish caucus that supports us from Plan Colombia to this day, and it’s close to Columbia. This is going to have absolutely regrettable consequences.

“We are very emotionally affected,” said Marcos Beckel, executive director of the Federation of Jewish Communities.

“We are very emotional as a society. Israel is part of our identity. Having an embassy and an ambassador is part of our social life. Gustavo Pedro’s government is one of the few in the world, albeit on the left, that does not condemn the October 7 massacre or mention Hamas. Relations in a public square The decision to break surprised us. “I believe he has an open animosity toward Israel, and many of his statements, such as comparisons to the Nazis and Auschwitz, are considered anti-Semitic by international standards.”

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