May 25, 2024

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The Google Fit API is set to be shut down, and the fate of the Android app has not been announced

The Google Fit API is set to be shut down, and the fate of the Android app has not been announced

Since launching Health Connect in 2022, Google has pared down the Google Fit APIs for developers. Earlier this weekthe company fully detailed how “Google Fit APIs have been retired and will be supported until June 30, 2025.”

Fitness and exercise apps that previously used Google Fit have until a June 2025 deadline to switch to Health Connect, with Google broadly referring to it as the “Android Health Platform.”

Although we have discontinued the Google Fit Android API, we aim to discontinue the API no later than June 30, 2025. This is to give users enough time to switch to Health Connect and continue their service.

Google Migration guide for developers It lists what they’re supposed to switch to on Android and Wear OS phones. However, there’s no replacement for the Goals API that allows Google Fit users to set “the number of steps and Heart Points they want to target each day.”

Google says it will “share more details about what’s next for Android Health” at I/O later this month.

As of the API shutdown announcement, Google has said nothing about Google Fit apps AndroidWear OS and internal control Department. They are still working on tracking activity and housing your full archive.

However, the app has not been updated to Material You and has not seen any new features. The last big update was Health Connect support in 2022, while Google introduced camera-powered heart rate and breathing tracking in 2021.

Fitbit has gained the ability to see stats from other Health Connect devices and services, thus further avoiding Google Fit. You also need to use it to sense sleep on the 2nd generation Nest Hub with Soli Radar. Google is expected to start charging for this this year.

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At this point, it’s clear that Google Fit is not the future. On the Pixel Watch, Fitbit is the default option, while Samsung and other Wear OS manufacturers have their own health tracking solutions.

If Google announces the discontinuation of Fit, coinciding with the June 2025 developer deadline makes sense.

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