June 14, 2024

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FBI recovers ‘top secret’ documents from Donald Trump’s mansion

FBI recovers ‘top secret’ documents from Donald Trump’s mansion

They took out 11 boxes of papers, according to official files.

The FBI recovered documents labeled “top secret” from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home after a federal judge unsealed the warrant that authorized the search, according to court documents released Friday.

FBI agents removed 11 boxes of classified documents from the property in Monday’s operation, a declassified court receipt shows.

Some of them are top secrets and are classified as “classified sensitive information,” a special category that seeks to protect the nation’s most important secrets and public disclosure would harm U.S. interests.

Court records did not provide details about the documents or what information they may contain.

Details of the search warrant indicate that federal agents are investigating potential violations of three federal laws, including the collection, transmission or loss of security information under the Espionage Act.

The other two deal with hiding, mutilating or removing documents and destroying or falsifying files from federal investigations.

The affidavit also shows that federal agents collected other potential presidential documents, such as the pardon order for Trump associate Roger Stone, a “leather-bound box of documents” and information about the “President of France.”

A folder of photographs, a handwritten note, “other confidential documents” and “other confidential documents” were seized during the search.

Trump’s attorney Christina Popp, who was at Mar-a-Lago during the trial, signed two acknowledgments, two pages and one single.

In a statement earlier Friday, Trump said all documents seized by agents were “classified” and argued that he would have turned the documents over to the Justice Department if asked.

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While sitting presidents have the authority to declassify information, that authority expires when they leave office, and it’s unclear whether the documents in question are classified.

Even classification powers can be limited when it comes to secrets related to nuclear weapons programs, covert operations, and certain data shared with allies.

Trump kept the documents despite multiple requests from federal agencies, including the National Archives, to turn over presidential records to comply with federal law.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, the same judge who signed off on the search warrant, allowed the warrant and warrants to be released at the Justice Department’s request after Secretary Merrick Garland said there was “substantial public interest in this matter.” “Immediate” issuance of order.

In messages posted on his truth social network, Trump wrote, “Not only will I not object to the release of the documents…I will go a step further by encouraging the immediate release of those documents.”

The Justice Department’s request is notable because those documents are traditionally sealed during ongoing investigations, but the department acknowledged that its silence after the raid created an opening for verbal attacks on the former president and his associates. The former president is entitled to an explanation from the FBI about the reason for Monday’s raid on the former president’s home.

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