December 8, 2023

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Gabriel Borick, Chile’s new president: 3 best news from Palacio de la Monet’s first speech

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Image source, Getty Images

“Borik, friend, people are with you!” Chile’s new president, Gabriel Boric Font, delivered his first speech from a government seat before a crowd of supporters.

Borik, who has led the Left Alliance to replace the country’s traditional political groups that have ruled the country since its return to democracy in 1990, defended respect for human rights, supported the work of the Constituent Assembly responsible for proposing the new Magna Carta, and noted the challenges. Faces the country for the next four years.

Among them are the immigration crisis in the north of the country, the conflict with indigenous peoples in the south of Chile, social inequality, crime, violence against women and “rejection”.

With 36 years, The youngest president in the history of the country It accepts power with the ambitious agenda of change, including reforms to the pension, tax and health systems, in response to some of the demands represented in the social upheaval that began in October 2019.