June 20, 2024

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And Venezuelan immigrants are coming to New York

And Venezuelan immigrants are coming to New York

The arrival of these settlers unleashed a new war of cross-promotions between Democrat Adams and Governor Abbott.

Two new buses with migrants arrived in New York this Friday, sent by the Texas government on August 12, and in addition to the three buses that arrived last Wednesday as part of the state’s governor, Republican Greg Abbott’s policy, the immigration load.

In the morning, two buses with 89 migrants arrived at the central terminal (known as Port Authority), according to sources in the mayor’s office, which set up an emergency reception device with several charities to direct the new arrivals to shelters. General

Among today’s arrivals — almost all from Venezuela, but also from Peru, Mexico and the Democratic Republic of Congo — were entire families with young children. After leaving a shelter on the border between Texas and Mexico they made the two-day journey, although they were mostly single men.

Sources said that although charities provided them with food and drinks during the journey, most were “hungry and thirsty”, even sick, and one of them had to be taken to hospital.

Sometimes the immigrants knew relatives or friends in America, but they all said they would try their luck by finding work in New York first.

Before boarding the buses, immigrants receive a letter of approval in Texas, while both New York and Washington have been “designated sanctuary cities by their mayors and offer shelter and food to all who come into the country.”

New York Mayor Eric Adams said, “We will continue to do so,” adding that New York has sheltered 5,000 asylum seekers and immigrants since May, but added that they had “talked to the White House.” Discuss the topic and make it clear that we need help getting through this moment.

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The arrival of these migrants has unleashed a new war of cross-declarations between Democrat Adams and Governor Abbott: Today, the New York mayor said that “putting someone on a bus for 45 hours without medical attention, without food or water or proper conditions.” Sanitation, and sending them to a city they know nothing about, shocks anyone.

“The way (Abbot) is acting by not coordinating traffic, making false promises and sending people here is un-American,” Adams said in a statement to the media.

A few hours ago, Abbott wrote an article for the Fox network in which he said: “If the mayors of the most populous city in America and the nation’s capital complain about a few thousand immigrants, imagine what those small border towns have. Resources.

He added on his Twitter account, “Texas is taking unprecedented action to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across the border and damage the way of life of hardworking farmers.”

As Abbott wrote on Fox, state border police have made 290,000 arrests through the end of July related to drug trafficking and in particular seized 326 million doses of fentanyl at the border, an amount of the drug “enough to kill almost all Americans.”

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