June 17, 2024

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The pedophile drinks a liquid and dies as his verdict is read

The pedophile drinks a liquid and dies as his verdict is read

The man was found dead in his room.

Courtesy | They are awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine what was in the fluid

A US man accused of child molestation has died after being convicted in a Texas court in Denton County. According to local media, the death of 57-year-old Edward Leclaire may be related to the cloudy liquid he drank while the verdict was being read.

The trial attorney, Jamie Beck, testified that LeClair and his attorney were accompanied by a transparent plastic bottle from which the defendant began to drink vigorously while listening to the judge.

At least two people in the courtroom noted that it was a cloudy or yellow drink, but LeClair’s demeanor did not raise suspicions and related to her nervousness about the outcome of the case.

When the verdict was announced, LeClair was temporarily taken to a room in the same courthouse, where officers found him a short time later, very pale and unconscious. According to witnesses, he vomited for a few minutes.

Officers called emergency services and the defendant was transferred to a nearby hospital, where they pronounced him dead. Investigators have taken the bottle as evidence and hope an autopsy can determine her cause of death.

LeClair faces five counts of child molestation in a 2016 crime. He was arrested two years later and remained in jail until July 2018, when he was released on $30,000 bail.

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