February 28, 2024

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Tragedy in Chile: Three Venezuelan migrants die in container after inhaling carbon monoxide

Tragedy in Chile: Three Venezuelan migrants die in container after inhaling carbon monoxide
Three Venezuelan migrants died after inhaling carbon monoxide 2 in a container in Chile.

Three Venezuelan migrants died in Chile after inhaling carbon monoxide from a stove lit against the cold in a container.. Dead bodies Found on the off-ramp of Route 160 in Coronel, near the juvenile jail, officials confirmed. Coronel is a municipality in Concepcion Province in the Biobio region of southern Chile.

According to the police, A person informed the authorities at around 7.30 pm on Friday. After being alerted, uniformed officers from the Fourth Coronal Police Station went inside the private property where the container was installed, local media reported. Bio Bio.

The dead were two women and one man, of legal age, who were homeless. The women are 19 and 21 years old and the man is around 40 years old..

Close sources told the above media The Venezuelans had been living there for about five months, where they work cutting firewood and then sell it. At the same time, They looked after and washed the cars of those who came to the place.

That is the main hypothesis The settlers died of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the burning of a brazier found at the site. This last artifact would have been used to combat cold and rain in recent days, he said. Bio Bio. Likewise, the cause of death will be confirmed only after an autopsy by the Forensic Medical Service.

Three Venezuelan migrants in a container in Chile died from carbon monoxide inhalation

At the behest of the Advocate-in-Charge, Members of the homicide squad and PDI’s crime lab conducted expert reports to determine what happened.. preliminary, It is known that there will be no signs of third party intervention Where the event took place.

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Head of Concepcion’s assassination squad, vice president Oscar AlvaradoHe said this.Among them, two women and one man died” and that “Initially, at least two of them were Venezuelan nationals, according to the identification documents found”. It was later revealed that all three were from Venezuela.

As to the cause of death, we may point out The first step is to inhale carbon monoxideAs a salamander was found inside this container”, confirmed the official.

Private property where the container is installed

Venezuela’s Last Dangerous Obstacles to Immigrate to Chile

In 2021, 20 people died trying to cross the Bisca-Kolsen border460 kilometers from La Paz and 2,000 kilometers from Santiago. Five people have died on the journey so far this year.According to local authorities, bodies were found on the Chilean side, including a child and an elderly woman.

“Since they are already one step away (…), even if we tell them everything, others also come back and tell them the reality they lived; However, they like to take risks,” says the nun Elizabeth Ortega.

Sister Eli, as she calls herself, runs a free shelter for immigrants. When they saw that the refuge was raised by the efforts of the nuns.Migrants suffer“Y About 150 people get it a month.

More than six million people have fled Venezuela in recent years. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and More than half a million are in Chile. They are fleeing violence and deprivation in their country, sometimes on foot, and are the protagonists of the most intense migration crisis in history.

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But they sometimes find their destination Discrimination And also Racist attacksLike setting fire to a camp in Chile.

A study of the R4V system revealed that 600 Venezuelans enter the country secretly every day from Bolivia and Peru.A number that has skyrocketed in the past two years.

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