February 26, 2024

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Venezuelans show the dangers of living in the Darien jungle


Caracas.- The People of Venezuela Who decides to go through Darien Forest They used social media to show what the route from Colombia to Panama looks like. The July 13 A video has been released showing a group of migrants crossing a river with strong currents.

Despite the dangers of traveling through the jungle, the Panamanian government registered the passage 28,079 Venezuelans Between January and June 2022. Additionally, in the same year, at least 10 deaths of Venezuelan immigrants In that step; However, there are no official statistics because many bodies are abandoned or unidentified.

A group of immigrants, including some nationalities Venezuela, crossed a mighty river into the Darien with the help of ropes tied to trees at either end of the canal. The video shows a man jumping into the water and pulling the rope Avoid getting pulled over Down the stream.

In the pictures shared, a group of men, women and children of different ages can be seen leaving their belongings on the forest floor.

Due to the circulation of the pictures, few people were able to identify them Deceased relatives After reporting them missing in Darien. Some People of Venezuela People who record videos of the route through the forest and warn people It’s not an easy ride They should think carefully before crossing.

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