June 25, 2024

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Three Venezuelan migrants die inside a container in Chile

Three Venezuelan migrants die inside a container in Chile
Container settled by Venezuela in Chile
Container settled by Venezuela in Chile

Three Venezuelan immigrants Inside a container in Chile, they died of carbon monoxide inhalation from a stove they lit against the cold.

Authorities found their bodies on a bypass of Coronel’s Route 160, near a prison for juveniles in the Biobio region, Concepcion province.

victims Two women and one man, all of legal age, are homeless. The women are 19 and 21 years old and the man is around 40 years old.

According to the police report, a person reported the situation to the authorities at around 7:30 pm this Friday, so they went to the place, local media reported. Bio Bio.

Likewise, sources indicated that the Venezuelans had been living at the site for about five months and were then engaged in cutting firewood for firewood. Also, they maintained and washed the cars of visitors to the area.

The police hypothesis for the death of these Venezuelan immigrants in Chile

The duty attorney’s office assigned members of the homicide squad and PDI’s crime lab to process expert reports to determine what happened. Preliminary results show that there are no signs of third party intervention at the scene.

The police hypothesis indicates that the migrants died of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the burning of a brazier found in the area.

As indicated, the material has been used to combat cold and rain in recent days. However, the cause of death will be confirmed after a post-mortem examination by the Forensic Medicine Service.

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