July 22, 2024

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The old man goes to the morgue and is resurrected before the astonished sight of the doctors

The old man goes to the morgue and is resurrected before the astonished sight of the doctors
Mortuary, National
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In the middle of the source wave of Govit-19 It haunts China, and an extraordinary event occurs: a patient from a nursing home begins to slip into a mortuary bag that is pronounced dead, and takes him to the morgue.

A Viral video On social media, mortuary paramedics shouted “He’s alive!” When they opened the zipper of the yellow bag they had taken with him.

Both the nursing home and the authorities have apologized for the incident, which has sparked deep anger across China.

Shanghai is now the country’s main port and trading center Fifth week Strong local closure by Chinese health officials following President Xi Jinping’s order: “Zero Govt.”

Under this measure, closures and severe isolation were created, in which citizens were only able to obey before the progress of law enforcement and health forces, which even put welding on the doors of buildings to prevent people from leaving.

Local officials pointed out that the patient, who did not know if he had been vaccinated or was suffering from Govt-19 disease, was already stable and recovering.

It is the center of the largest epidemics in China: 60% of people over the age of 62 are vaccinated and only 15% of people over the age of 80 are accessible with the anticoagulant vaccine.

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