July 22, 2024

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KP Pettito’s boyfriend’s parents know where her body is

KP Pettito’s boyfriend’s parents know where her body is

YouTube’s family is demanding more than $ 30,000 in damages.

Brian Laundry’s parents know the “whereabouts of” the body of his girlfriend ‘YouTuber’ KP Pettito, according to the latest version of a lawsuit they filed when they went on holiday to Fort de Soto (Florida, USA) with their son. The victim’s family and local media reported the news this Sunday.

“They went on vacation after learning that Brian Laundry had murdered Gabriel Pettito,” the court document said. “They are believed to know where her body is, and they know that Gabriel Petito’s parents are trying to find her,” he added.

Last summer, Laundry and Pettito went on a road trip across the North American country, but the little girl reportedly never came back and went missing. That’s when his search began, culminating on September 19 with the discovery of his remains in the Carlton Nature Reserve in Florida.

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A medical examiner has determined that ‘youtuber’ died three weeks ago due to “bruises on the head and neck from strangulation by hand”. The FBI called the case a homicide.

For his part, the young man also went missing shortly after completing his journey, after which his body was found in an archive, where he committed suicide. A notebook containing the letters in which he was responsible for Pettito’s death was found near his body.

Although the exact number was not specified in the initial lawsuit filed by Petitos in March against the laundry family, the victim’s parents are seeking more than $ 30,000 in damages.

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