March 22, 2023

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New ways to fly to Venezuela, according to the Association of Tourism and Travel Agencies of Venezuela


Nicola Fernandez, president of the Association of Tourism and Travel Agencies of Venezuela (Avavit), announced new talks on the return of Air France flights to Venezuela.

He also explained that direct flights to Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Italy, Iran, Qatar and China are currently being discussed. Among other things, they hope to incorporate new locations that are slightly closer to the country.

Similarly, these new routes will be added to existing routes such as Spain, Portugal, Russia and Saint Vincent.

In an interview with Union Radio, Fernandez said there are places in the country that are ready to receive tourists.

New air routes to Venezuela

However, it describes “Despite being open to these places, The Frequency The number of flights is still low. In the same way, it indicates the need to return to the routine and frequency of flights that were in Venezuela.

To achieve this, deep work needs to be done, he said.

“The will of the private and public sectors is needed to attack the problems and give a better country to the tourists,” he said.

Tourism represents 10% GDP Of countries (GDP), Furnari said, so promoting it is something that benefits everyone living in Venezuela. He explained that although mechanisms need to be established to be a country that receives tourists from anywhere in the world, Venezuela has not reached those levels.

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