December 2, 2023

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Russian municipal representatives support Putin’s demand for resignation

Photo by EFE

A public demand for the resignation of Russian President Vladimir Putin has already been backed by 84 municipal representatives (councilmen) from across the country, who are demanding that the Duma, or chamber of representatives, impeach the Kremlin leader. High treason to launch a military campaign in Ukraine.

“More delegates are joining the demand Vladimir Putin Resign,” Dmitry Baliuka, the initiative’s author and a municipal deputy in St. Petersburg, told reporters on Monday.

The petition, which has not yet been sent to the lower house of the Russian parliament, has already been signed by representatives of municipal councils across Russia.

Representatives who supported the request included public officials from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as mayors from the European part of the country and other parts of Siberia.

Poliuka said on Twitter that he had been summoned to appear in a district court in St. Petersburg on Tuesday on charges of insulting the Russian president.

However, the politician denied that he regretted his decision to address the Duma, as in recent days he received great support from his fellow citizens in the Smolinsky district, which he considered “worthless”.

Baliuka and several of his colleagues addressed the Duma last week demanding that Putin be charged with treason for launching a “special military operation.”

“We consider President Putin’s decision to launch a special military operation to harm the security of Russia and its citizens,” the petition said.

The petition aims to oust Putin from his position as Kremlin leader, which he assumed in 2000 and may last until 2036 under constitutional reform.

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“In our opinion, the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the start of special military operations on the territory of Ukraine are signs of a crime under Article 73 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, high treason”, they point out. outside

According to the claim, Russian citizens have been dying since the start of hostilities, the national economy has deteriorated, and investor and brain drain is taking place.

In addition, it expands NATO Eastern and, due to the President’s decision, the border between Russia and the Atlantic Alliance has doubled with the entry of Finland and Sweden.

Russian military intervention has also had the opposite effect of militarizing the neighboring country with Western supplies of $38,000 million worth of weapons to Ukraine.

According to a survey published last week, 70% of Russians more or less support the military campaign in Ukraine, while 18% oppose it.

Russia announced on Saturday that it was withdrawing its troops from several strategic locations in the Kharkov region of northern Ukraine, prompting criticism from supporters of a more aggressive offensive in the neighboring country.

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