April 18, 2024

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Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his ministers have been barred from entering the United States

Daniel Ortega, USA, L. National
Daniel Ortega. Photo: EFE

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo, and a number of other ministers and officials were barred from entering the United States by President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

“The repression and abuse of the Ordega government and its supporters demand that the United States act.” Claims Biden in a proclamation.

Ortega, who has been in power since 2007, won a fourth consecutive election on November 7, in which he had no rivals because seven opposition presidential candidates blocked him and three of his parties were illegal.

I have decided in the interest of the United States to restrict and suspend the entry of members of the Nicaraguan government led by President Daniel Ortega, his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo and all others into the country. They are involved in acts that threaten the democratic institutions of the country, ā€¯Biden said.

He has long accused lawmakers, mayors and members of his cabinet of “violating human rights to punish peaceful protesters”, as well as a number of senior officials, including police, security, government agencies and prison services. Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs.

In addition, there are others who have contributed to events condemned by Washington.

Daniel Ortega’s “election parody”

The wives and children of those allowed are also barred from entering the United States.

Monday, was in the United States Tax Sanctions against many Nicaraguan senior officials as “election parody” and “vague news” to Ortega and Murillo.

The Treasury Department has announced sanctions against nine senior government officials and several mayors, including the Ministry of Public Works and the Minister of Energy and Mining, Salvador Manzil Castrillo, accusing them of repressing peaceful protests in 2018.

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Biden had already imposed financial sanctions against the authorities and barred more than a hundred Nicaraguan lawmakers, lawyers and judges and their families from entering the country.

In 2019, the government of former President Donald Trump had already imposed sanctions on Murillo, Ortega’s three children and senior Nicaraguan officials for police corruption and human rights abuses.

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