October 1, 2023

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Four days of protests at Sidor pellet plant (+ videos)

This Friday morning at 6:00 am Sidor security forces blocked entry into the plant from Gate 1.

For four days, workers at the Siderurgica del Orinoco Alfredo Maneiro (Sidor) pellet plant have been protesting against a list of demands presented to the CVG audit board, with no results so far.

Sidorists demand that colleagues classified as not needed in the pandemic be reinstated, HCM be reinstated after workers and family members die without timely medical attention and decent wages.

“We are asking the Nicolas Maduro government to inform the Audit Board Commission that they brought to Guyana to respond to our petitions that we presented at a meeting two months ago,” said Labor and Complaints Secretary Leonardo Asocar. A single union of workers in the iron and steel industry and their equivalents (Suites).


In the interview Scoop This Friday morning at 6:00 a.m. Sidor commented that security forces blocked entry into the plant from Gate 1, however amid the protest, a group of labor guards managed to enter the steel plant, one of the workers. were injured.

Azocar rejected labor terror, noting that Dgcim was able to expel officials for previous board corruption cases and would not allow history to repeat itself.

“We are not going to accept that we are not allowed to enter our institution because it is ours and we have the right because the constitution allows us to,” he stressed.

He explained from the pellet plant that this Friday the board of directors of the company decided to stop the supply of drinking water and food.

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“We are complaining to the ombudsman so that they come here and look at the human rights violations against the workers” as well as the request to the Attorney General of the Republic to appoint a nationally qualified prosecutor to Sidore, their benefits,” he added.

In the morning, Ashoka said Scoop A convoy was in front of the Bella Mill shed, which they described as intimidation.

Scoop He tried unsuccessfully to contact the representatives of the Workers’ Productive Council (CPDT) of the steel company and the steel plant authorities.

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