June 13, 2024

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5 things you need to know this April 18

5 things you need to know this April 18

Map of active conflict centers in the Middle East. Why did Argentina buy 24 F-16s? Real Madrid to the Champions League semi-finals. Here's what you need to know to start your day. First the truth.

1. What is happening now that the US has reimposed sanctions against Venezuela?

The United States' License 44 expired, which suspended part of the sanctions on Venezuela's oil industry and gold mining. Most of the North American country's oil companies were licensed to do business in Venezuela and the state energy company, Petroleos de Venezuela, was allowed to sell its oil in the United States. Use your financial system to pay creditors and collect debts. But the door to dialogue is not closed.

2. Map of active conflict centers in the Middle East

The Middle East has experienced one of its most significant crises in recent decades since the militant group Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, 2023, sparking a conflict that, six months later, continues to escalate week by week. This is a view that is the main focus There are serious conflicts in the Middle East right now.

3. Why did Argentina buy 24 F-16s?

Argentina's Ministry of Defense said, “The purchase of these aircraft confirms the government's decision to promote investment in defense with the aim of strengthening the capabilities of the military apparatus.” We look at the motivations and objectives of that acquisition.

4. Bad time at Lake Batesquaro in Mexico

A popular lake in central Mexico, a major tourist attraction during the Tet festival, has been badly affected by drought. Officials attribute deforestation and theft of its water.

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5. Why the referendum and consultation this Sunday in Ecuador?

Ecuadorians will return to the polls this Sunday, April 21, to decide through 11 questions—referendum and popular consultation—on the legal reforms and changes to the constitution proposed by President Daniel Nobo. The focus was on security, justice, employment and international arbitration.

At coffee time

Ancient skeletons in France reveal Italian mafia-style murders

5,500 years ago, two women were bound and buried alive in a ritual sacrifice, using a form of torture today associated with the Italian mafia, according to skeletal analysis. Discovered at an archaeological site in southwestern France.

The 'hero' of the High Andes fights to save the forest with a powerful tool

Constantino Aca is working to protect the High Andes through concrete action: Planting millions (not thousands, millions) of trees.

Dehydration affected nearly all farmworkers in the Florida study

A study concluded that farm workers in Florida are suffering from dangerous levels of dehydration. This can cause, among other things, long-term health problems and reduced productivity.

The True Story of Flight 601 Hijacking

Netflix recently premiered the series “Hijacking of Flight 601,” based on the true events that took place in Colombia in 1973. This is what happened.

Real Madrid left Manchester City without defending their title

Real Madrid beat Manchester City on penalties to reach the Champions League semi-finals. Pep Guardiola's side could not repeat the championship, while the Merengue, Directed by Carlo Ancelotti, it seeks to extend its European record.

Image of the day


More than 13,800 children have died in Gaza since the war began on October 7, the executive director said. United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Catherine Russell.

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“Defective planes for sale”

A whistleblower at a US Senate hearing, Boeing engineer Sam Salepour, said he was threatened for the promotion. Security concerns for their managers over the years.

And to finish…

Stunning Underwater Pictures of Dubai Airport

The landing area of ​​the Dubai airport in the United Arab Emirates was flooded last Tuesday due to heavy rains. These are the pictures.