May 26, 2024

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A woman has been arrested for taking a dead body to a bank in Brazil

A woman has been arrested for taking a dead body to a bank in Brazil

He intended to grant a loan that had been previously approved by his alleged uncle.

A woman in Brazil was arrested after she arrived at a bank with the body of a man who had died hours earlier while trying to get a loan that had already been approved in the deceased's name, local media reported.

This extraordinary event entered the branch of Ita Bank in the Bangu neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro with a wheelchair, in which his uncle said he was resting and signed a document to offer 17,000 reais (about $3,200).

After being treated, the bank staff began to doubt the man's health as he was unable to hold a pen and lift his head.

The lady acted casually all the time and repeatedly held the uncle's hand and head and asked him to sign the loan document.

She wasn't scared or worried about the situation, she was just smiling. However, the man's pallor and lack of response led staff to call the Mobile Emergency Care Service (EMS).

“He's dead”

A medical unit rushed to the scene and found the man, identified as Roberto Braga, 68, dead for several hours, after which the woman was arrested and taken to the police station.

According to her testimony, she is the old man's niece and is responsible for his care. He said his uncle was frail and in poor health.

“She tried to sign him but the staff thought he was sick and called Samu. He passed out and walked into the bank. She says she is his caretaker and she will answer for the crimes anyway. We are going to continue the investigation with other family members and find out if he was alive on the date of the loan. ,” said police chief Fabio Luis.

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Authorities are trying to determine if it was a case of fraud or theft by fraud and if the person arrested is actually related to the victim.

Also, security camera videos are scrutinized to find out if others were involved.

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