June 17, 2024

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Alex, a former Miami professor, has been sentenced to six months in prison for embezzling money from a restaurant

Former Miami Professor
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Bruce Bagley, a former professor at the University of Miami, was sentenced Tuesday to six months in prison for pleading guilty to embezzling money from Alex Chap. This has been confirmed by the news agency Reuters.

The case is old as the charges and related arrest have been known since November 2019.

However, Bruce Bagley’s name caught the attention of the press last week, with his lawyers revealing that Alex Chap had long ago provided US officials with information about Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Former Miami Professor

“I’m ashamed of my irresponsible behavior,” Bagley said at a virtual hearing in federal court in Manhattan on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

Last week, The Attorney’s Office Bruce Bagley was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Meanwhile, the defense demanded that the sentence be determined similar to the time he had already spent in custody. He made a maneuver to get the former professor released immediately.

Pleaded guilty

In June, Buckley, 75, pleaded guilty to laundering more than $ 2 million and reached a settlement that would have reduced his sentence.

According to the attorney’s office, he used bank accounts in his own name and in the name of a company he owns in Florida to clean up evidence coming from former Miami professor Alex Chab. These operations were carried out between November 2017 and August 2018.

The audience

The former professor was sentenced to 46 to 75 months in prison, even with the agreement reached when he pleaded guilty.

However, at Tuesday’s hearing, his party demanded that he not be imprisoned because of his advanced age and ill health.

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For their part, prosecutors insisted that Bagley be imprisoned, arguing that he showed no serious remorse. However, they suggested that the sentence should be handed down under the 46-month guideline.

Money laundering expert

A paradoxical aspect of Bagley’s relationship with Alex Chop is – BBC Mundo In his profile at the time of his arrest – he was an educator recognized for his theoretical contributions to the implementation of money laundering schemes.

The professor is frequently consulted by the press for his expert opinion on court cases involving organized crime in Florida.

In addition, Bagley wrote a book on the subject Drug trafficking, organized crime and violence in the United States today.

In it he preached: “Money laundering is a prosperous activity.”

Bagley’s expertise did not go unnoticed by U.S. District Judge Jet Ragoff.

“If anyone in the world knew that this kind of activity was a crime, it was Dr. Buckley,” Rakoff said during sentencing.

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