May 23, 2024

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Senate refuses to remove Pinora on charges over Pandora documents

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Sebastian Pinera, President of Chile. Photo: AFP

Senate Chile He on Tuesday rejected a constitutional allegation that he sought to oust Chilean President Conservative Sebastian Pinera for alleged irregularities in the sale of a controversial mining project revealed by the Pandora Papers.

Opposition senators failed to collect two-thirds (29 votes out of a total of 43) to approve the indictment against the president, which was verified by the House of Representatives last week to begin a process in place. An indictment, in which the upper house acts as an arbitral tribunal.

The constitutional indictment took place next Sunday, November 21, five days before the presidential election to seek the country’s successor. Pinora, Who will end his term of office in March 2022 and currently after the conclusion of this inquiry, he will be able to continue in office for the remaining months.

Senate Session

The session began with the explanation of three opposition representatives who informed the senators of the impeachment slander instigated by the lower house accusing the governor of “seriously compromising the honor of the nation” due to the lack of a “morality” policy.

Last October, it was revealed that the President of Chile had sold the shares of the mining project Mina Dominga in 2010 as a tax haven.

Delegates responsible for prosecuting the Senate argued that there was “optional conflict” and “unethical action” that could damage the image of the country, democracy and its institutional structure.

The defense, led by Pinera’s lawyer George Calves, said there were several “dormant investors” in the Domingo project, including the president’s family, who “did not own” and “did not sell anything”.

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After hearing arguments from both sides, he received 24 votes in favor of the indictment, 18 votes against and 1 vote against. In the chapter on the dignity of the nation he did not vote 22 in favor, 20 against and 1.

With Pinara ousted and unable to do any public action for five years, a constitutional indictment would need to get at least 29 positive votes in two indictments, but only controlled by the opposition. 24 places ..

In addition to this political investigation, the prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into possible tax crimes against Binera and bribery in the same proceedings, although the matter was already seen in court in 2017, when the president was ousted.

The original agreement, written in English at the time and signed in the British Virgin Islands, was not accessible, but the Ministry of Public Works now understands that it was a copy translated into Spanish.

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