July 12, 2024

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Puerto Ortiz flight – Manas will strengthen ties with Brazil

Puerto Ortiz flight – Manas will strengthen ties with Brazil

They hope to have a stop in Boa Vista (Roraima State) very soon.

The scoop file | Marcano highlighted that Guyana has two major potentials to offer the world, both tourism and industry.

Angel Marcano, the governor of Bolivar state, believes that the resumption of the Manaus – Puerto Ordaz flight opens the connection with the sister country, he also revealed that new routes to Rio de Janeiro are being considered.

He highlights that Guyana has two major strengths that it can offer to the tourism and industrial world: “Manas is an industrialized free zone and has many companies that use our raw materials, where there is exchange.”

As part of the discussion on the structure of new relations with the Brazilian government, Marcano assures that we propose a bilateral discussion, recognizing that Venezuela received support from this border from the point of view of food and distribution in the first phase. Enforcing the economic blockade”.

In terms of tourism, we have the beauties of Gran Sabana, but according to the governor, there will also be routes to Borlamar, which is in great demand by Brazilians.


Tomás Guerra, President of Fedeindustria Bolívar, celebrates the decision taken by Conviasa Airlines to resume flights between the states of Roraima (Brazil) and Bolivar (Venezuela).

“After many years of work, I went to the airline offices in Caracas and exchanged information and held meetings with Brazilian businessmen, looking at the needs and where to focus the requests,” says the union member.

He is governed more precisely by Marcano and César Escobar, president of the regional airports—Bolívar’s sub-autonomous service; He assures that the company will continue to push the possibility of a Puerto Ortaz – Boa Vista flight since it is the closest city to the state of Bolivar.

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“We must insist that there be a destination, a stop, a touch in Boa Vista; because we have many businessmen from mineral, agricultural and other economic sectors. The distance between”, also means that the distance between Boa Vista and Manas is 12 hours by road.

More cargo

“Airlines from the state of Bolivar to Brazil have been a great desire, a struggle for a long time, and we are very happy. We welcome the officialization of this route, which is very necessary to improve trade relations, tourism and integration of the border states. As for the conditions of Trunk 10, it represents the threshold for doing business, so it is very important for us that it takes place and that we can use the rest of the summer in Brazil to restore tourist arrivals. For Margarita, because all sectors of tourism have an upside advantage, so if you spend the night here, it will transform our economy,” says David Bermudez, Vice President of Fedacamaras Bolivar and President of the Affairs Commission International.

Bermudez additionally assures Passenger flights can be considered part of the cargo by Conviasa, which is “more useful for resale exports.”

Unionists – insists Bermudez – hope that in the future the plane could stop at Boa Vista to boost tourism and business.

“Brazil has an interesting market with high levels of consumption, but the conditions of Trunk 10 weaken the possibility of carrying cargo. We are fighting to make all this come true,” he clarifies.