October 1, 2023

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Family Reunification Parole: Requirements for Requesting It and Which Countries Participate | Humanitarian Parole | USA | Florida | America America | Trends | uses

Are you working in the US? Continue reading for more information. He Family Reunification Parole A program that allows people who want to work or move permanently America If they have a direct relative legally residing in the country, they can do so without problem if that relative applies for a visa in their name to accommodate them.

However, not everyone has access to that option, as they must meet certain requirements and be from one of four countries whose citizens, thanks to Joe Biden, have been selected to have that option. Next, we tell you how to apply and which countries are participating.

Which Nationalities Can Access Family Reunification Parole in the US?

They are from Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Remember that you must also fulfill the requirements mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Who Can’t Apply for Family Reunification Parole in the US?

Unfortunately, even if you meet the requirements, you will not be able to apply if you have received a visa from an immigrant relative who is going to apply for you. So it is important to read the requirements very carefully.

How do I find out the status of my application for family reunification parole?

To know more about the documents or if they have already sent an email, you need to send them an invitation for the process Remember that the form must be sent after receiving an email indicating that the relative has made the request.

How to Apply for Family Reunification Parole in USA?

Those wishing to apply for family reunification parole must meet a series of requirements, but most importantly a direct relative must be in the United States.

  • Have direct family ties to the United States (children, siblings, or spouses of US citizens or permanent residents).
  • Live outside the US.
  • The applying relative cannot have obtained a visa from any immigrant.
  • Comply with routine medical and assessment requirements, such as immunizations, among others, as required by the United States government.
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How to Request Family Reunification Parole in the US?

To do so, a family member (legal resident or citizen) of the person wishing to access this benefit must submit a visa petition for their relative () in one of the eligible countries: Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala.

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