July 18, 2024

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Latest and live news of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Latest and live news of Russia’s war in Ukraine

EU leaders have condemned Russia’s decision not to extend a key grain deal

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell delivers his speech on EU-China relations strategy at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France, Tuesday, April 18, 2023. ((Photo: AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias)

EU diplomacy chief Joseph Borrell and EU Council president Charles Michel condemned Russia’s decision not to extend the Black Sea Grain Agreement.

“I deeply regret that today Russia refused to extend this agreement, which is a very serious matter that creates a lot of problems for many people around the world. For our part, we will do everything we can. There are solidarity paths available to the people who eat Ukrainian grain,” said EU-CELAC in Brussels on Monday. Borel told the media at the meeting.

“I have to blame Russia for this decision. Totally illogical weapons, people’s hunger,” he added.

The agreement on Black Sea grains “is very important, especially for the most vulnerable countries, because this agreement, together with European solidarity rails, helps to ensure access to the grains and fertilizers that the most vulnerable countries need. By the people, for the people,” Michael said.

“That is why we fully support all the efforts of Antonio Guterres to ensure the continuation of this agreement,” he added.

European Parliament President Roberta Metzola also expressed concern over Russia’s decision.

“This is very worrying for us. We have seen ongoing supply from Ukraine — despite daily shelling — and the possibility of Ukrainian grain continuing to feed the world,” Metzola said.

“Today’s decision means this is no longer possible,” he said, adding, “This camp’s concern will be implicit in the impact of such a regrettable, disturbing decision, and we hope to continue to find a solution.” Because there are countries that depend on Ukrainian grain.”

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Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristerson said, “It’s Russia’s fault. It’s Russia’s fault. It’s very serious, very harmful, in many ways: harmful to Ukraine, harmful to African and Eastern countries.” A bad sign is coming from Russia.”