June 21, 2024

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3 countries with the largest air force in the world: one of them is in the United States | Global Firepower | USA | USA | Air Force | Army | United States | America

3 countries with the largest air force in the world: one of them is in the United States |  Global Firepower |  USA |  USA |  Air Force |  Army |  United States |  America

With over 13,000 aircraft in its air force, no other country surpasses the United States in world rankings. Photo: IA

Global Firepower conducted a study on the best military air forces in the world. The remarkable thing? One of them is on our continent: America. A comprehensive review of the military capabilities of 145 countries is undertaken, evaluating 60 different elements.

These include the number of military personnel and equipment, financial stability, geography and available natural resources, among other important factors.

USA is the 3rd largest air force country

Ranked number one and considered the largest air force to date, USA is the leading country with maximum 56.6% air force in USA. This is followed by RussiaCountry Vladimir PutinIt reached the total 17.3% of fighter planes

Finally, there is the country located in the east: China. who owns 13.4% Flights and the lowest arriving flight to first place.

This is a table of Global Firepower with each country’s power percentages. Photo: Global Firepower

This is the United States Air Force

The United States Air Force has more than 1,3000 aircraft in serviceIt ranks first in the ranking for the largest number of military aerial vehicles.

An interesting question arises with this information: Can the US Air Force be defeated? Even if it’s true, they have different methods to position it as number one, and that’s the truth Winning a battle with multiple tools at your disposal is nearly impossible..

Global Firepower (GFP) It is responsible for identifying specific types associated with a given force’s air combat capabilities. Product values ​​are based on an average of 75% US Air Force In all categories to take into account the availability of individual assets on the battlefield due to general maintenance, modernization and so on.

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The United States leads other nations as a world superpower in its military air force. Photo: France 24

How do Latin American countries rank in the continent’s rankings?

Despite Argentina’s purchase of 24 F-16 Fighting Falcons, the organization does not count recent acquisitions because they have not yet been integrated into the national armed forces. That’s why it’s a ranking given by the National Institute for Strategic Studies.

  1. Brazil: 185 operational aircraft (47 Northrop F-5 Tiger II supersonic fighters)
  2. Mexico: 80 operational aircraft (5 F-5 Tiger II supersonic fighters)
  3. Venezuela: 79 operational aircraft (18 F-16 fighters – versions A and B)
  4. Chili: 76 operational aircraft (46 F-16 fighters – AM, BM, C and D versions)
  5. Colombia: 64 operational aircraft (22 IAI Kfir supersonic fighters)
  6. Peru: 60 operational aircraft (19 MiG-29 aircraft)
  7. Argentina: 22 operational aircraft
  8. Honduras: 17 operational aircraft (11 F-5 Tiger II fighters)
  9. Cuba: 10 operational aircraft (MiG-29 and MiG-21 supersonic fighters, combat capable).

It is one of the aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force. Photo: Defensa.com

The F-22 Raptor is America’s most advanced aircraft

The F-22s represent significant progress by proving that America And its allies are not depleting resources. In practical terms, the The F-22 resembles the F-35. It could be more, both being fifth generation aircraft.

North American country’s F-22 RaptorTheir characteristics Stealth, Speed, Agility and IntelligenceDeveloped by Lockheed Martin to provide the US Air Force with unparalleled air superiority.

Its sophisticated weapons and design make it one of the best air superiority fighters in the world.

America’s F-22 Raptor above Mt. Photo: Aerospace News

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