May 24, 2022

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The small Ukrainian city that was able to stop Moscow’s military plans

Voznesensk city

This is one of the most decisive battles War So far: a fierce two-day struggle for control of the agricultural city of Vosneshensk and its strategic bridge.

The victory would have allowed Russian forces to push further west along the Black Sea coast Odessa port and a large nuclear power plant.

Instead, Ukrainian troops, backed by an army of local volunteers, crushed the Russian plans.

First the bridge was demolished and then the invading army headed 100 km east.

“It is difficult to explain how we did it. It is thanks to the fighting spirit of our local people and the Ukrainian military,” said Voznesensk Mayor Yevheni Velichko, 32, in front of the town hall, his bulletproof vest still remains.

But almost three weeks after the war, the mayor warned that another attack by Russian forces was imminent and that the city’s defenders. They have no weapons to stop them a second time.

Voznesensk city
The strategically important Wozniacki Bridge exploded to prevent the Russians from using it.

“We need more”

“it is a Strategic location. We protect not only the city but all the territory behind it. And we do not have the heavy weapons that the enemy has, ”he said.

In many parts of Ukraine, the Anti-tank missiles supplied by the British They proved important in turning the tide of Russian armor in Wozniacki, where the streets were filled with 30 tanks, armored vehicles and a helicopter.

“It was with these weapons that we were able to defeat the enemy here. And thank you for the support of our partners. But We need more“, Welisco said.

“Enemy convoys will continue,” he added.

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Voznesensk city

The strategic significance of Voznesensk soon became clear Russian forces have failed to capture the larger bridgeLocated further south, it crosses the Puh, the second largest river in Ukraine.

The effort of all people

Today, Voznesensk is not a ghost town, in which sirens are constantly sounded due to regular airstrikes.

But in recent weeks thousands of people have traveled through the wheat fields by train or on broken country tracks.

It seems that many of those who chose to stay are still interested Speak From His remarkable success.

Voznesensk city
Voznesensk Mayor Yevheni Velichko spoke to the BBC

“It’s a huge effort from the whole city,” said local shopkeeper Alexander, who filmed himself in the front row with the AK47, “Come on, my little friends!”

Another volunteer fired rocket-propelled grenades at Russian positions.

“We used hunting rifles and people fired Bricks and jars. Older women carried heavy sandbags.

“The Russians do not know where to look or how to look Where will the next attack come from. I have never seen the community come together like this, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.


The complex spiral of Russian tank tracks still indicates Garden of Svetlana NikolaevnaIn the town of Rakov on the southern edge of Vosneshensk, some fierce fighting took place.

Bloody bandages and Russian ration packs litter the rows of hedges.

The 59-year-old woman pointed to her husband’s tools and explained that the Russians were holding two men. Ukrainian soldiers were captured and only saved from execution Thanks for escalating the fight.

“Look at the bloodstains on my doorstep,” he called to the visitors to his dilapidated house.

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As she and her family took refuge in a nearby basement, The Russians turned his entire house into a makeshift field hospital.

“The second day I went back to pick up clothes. The wounded lay everywhere. At least ten of them, I think. I have cleaned up most of the blood, “he said.

Svetlana Nikolaevna says the Russians left in a hurry

They fled in a hurry

“They left in a hurry one night. They left everything (boots, socks, bulletproof vests, helmets) and simply They picked up the dead and wounded and fled.

This is the time of the local funeral director Mikhail Sokurenko. Look for more Russian bodies in the fields Then load them into a train box.

“I do not consider them human [después de lo que hicieron aquí]. But it is wrong to scare people and leave them on the field even after they die, ”he said.

“These are The Russians are sick of the head, So we have to be careful. But victory will come and we will drive the Russians out of all our countries.

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