June 13, 2024

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Ecuador's former vice president will continue to be detained

Ecuador's former vice president will continue to be detained

The National Court held that the detention was “illegal and arbitrary”.

Ecuador's national court ruled on Friday that the detention of former Vice President Jorge Claus during a general forces attack on the Mexican embassy in Quito was “illegal and arbitrary.”

However, the former officer will remain in prison because he still has to serve part of his sentence for other cases.

“Detention is illegal and arbitrary and indicates that ordering the immediate freedom of the victim (…) is appropriate. However, as justified in the present process (…) there are sentences with the authority of (…) res judicata (…)”, one of the sentences read by Judge Monica Heredia Reading the passage.

Likewise, the responsible court “cannot modify the sentence imposed by the Constitutional Court, therefore it is not appropriate to grant liberty to the citizen because another different deprivation of liberty has been committed against him.” Current 'habeas corpus' action.”

At the beginning of his presentation, Heredia mentioned the legal issues of the case related to the passive responsibility of President Daniel Noboa and Government Minister Monica Palencia, the arbitrary capture of Claus and the powers of the court, Ecuavisa reports.

According to Heredia, the illegality of the execution of the arrest warrant against the former vice president was that the police forces did not have the permission of the head of mission to enter the embassy.

Glass's defense welcomed the ruling that his arrest was illegal, but announced that he would file new judicial appeals to secure his release.

“We are preparing some evidence because even though we have been granted 'habeas corpus', we think that it should be partially corrected because he should have been free; that is, return everything to its normal state,” said lawyer Marcelo Orellana, one of the former official's legal representatives.

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In this regard, Orellana alleged that although the former official had already served more than 60% of the sentence imposed on him, he did not benefit in this case from the pre-release measures established by local laws.

Likewise, he called to remember that at the time of his arrest, Glass was “under asylum status granted to him by the Mexican government.”


The hearing on this 'habeas corpus' was first set for Thursday afternoon and continued this Friday. Francisco Hidalgo, the legal representative of the Revolutionary Citizens (RC) movement, filed an appeal on Monday with the aim of determining that Glass's detention was illegal.

The former vice president, who is being held at the 'La Roca' maximum security prison in the city of Guayaquil, Guayas province, participated in the hearing electronically.

He said during his speech that he was tortured during the arrest during the raid on the embassy.

“It wasn't enough that they threw me against the wall, hit my head against the wall, kicked me in the groin and started kneeling,” he said, adding that they “threw themselves on him,” “stepped on his neck,” and “they kicked him in the ribs.”

“They handcuffed me and I was hanging by my hands behind my back in a state of obvious torture,” he said, adding that uniformed men carried him “like a war trophy, like he was” to lead him out of the embassy. There was a cow.”

Agents also used force against Ecuador's Foreign Ministry and Mexico's head of political affairs, Roberto Canseco, who tried to block it, Glass recalled, as already shown in pictures of the embassy's interior released by the Mexican government. Attack on diplomatic headquarters and capture of former official.

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Earlier this Friday, in a second intervention, Glass said he was fasting because he didn't have the medication to keep him stable. Although a statement signed by the director of the 'La Roca' prison denies that he was given drugs, Radio Pichincha reports.

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