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A ‘dictator’ is trapped inside his house for hours after finding the building ‘stairs’ ‘missing’ (video)

A ‘dictator’ is trapped inside his house for hours after finding the building ‘stairs’ ‘missing’ (video)


1 ene 2022 13:51 GMT

The video, which was shared on Tuesday, has already surpassed 1.3 million views.

It’s like a princess in a story caught in a castle tower, after a ‘dictator’ went viral after sharing a video in which he discovered that there were stairs, showing that he was “stuck in his little apartment”. The premises where he lives ‘disappeared’.

“When [tu casero] Olivia Crump, identified as the Food Struggle 2008 on the social networking site 2008, said in a video shared this Tuesday, “It’s already over. 1.3 million Visualizations.

According to Counted Crump told the Daily Dot that he had not been able to leave his apartment for about four hours and that it had taken workers time to complete the repair work, which he had not been notified of. It is not possible to go down a ladder or a sidewalk on a steep slope, ”he said.

Although he could sue for emergencies such as fire or earthquake, he pointed out that he had no intention of pursuing legally, as advised by many internet users who commented. On release.

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