May 19, 2024

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A Venezuelan man was arrested in Brazil after being found with more than 100 cocaine capsules in his stomach.

A Venezuelan man was arrested in Brazil after being found with more than 100 cocaine capsules in his stomach.
Brazil has become one of the main pharmaceutical export centers (EFE/Fernando Bizerra)

A Citizen of Venezuela Arrested by Brazilian Federal Police When I tried to travel to San Pablo. The man intended to travel India After receiving He consumed more than a hundred capsules of cocaineAccording to the company.

The accused was arrested at the international airport in the city on Thursday strength, In the north of Brazil. He was going to travel to San Pablo for a stopover, but his final destination was the Asian country.

As explained in a Brazilian police report, airport agents went through X-rays when they realized the passenger had swallowed “a large amount of capsules containing drugs.”

The Amazon has become the gateway to the cocaine countries of Bolivia, Peru and Colombia (AFP/Joao Laet).

Upon discovery, he was taken into Venezuelan police custody Medical care post. The ingested medicine had to be expelled, but safely, if the capsules in the man's body were disintegrated, it would mean his death. Death.

The Venezuelan citizen is again subjected to X-rays to check that the drug has been expelled, immediately He entered the prison.

Brazil is not a country that produces cocaine, but that has changed over the years One of the major pharmaceutical hubs, Especially towards the European market. Not only do drug smugglers find their way through airports, they also take advantage of extensive uncontrolled border kilometers, especially Amazon.

It has become the gateway to cocaine country Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, There are three global manufacturers of this drug. In the northern region, borders are particularly important for the flow of drugs entering the country, either to be consumed there or to be sent to other markets such as the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Photo of a wall with graffiti referring to the First Command of the Capital, a drug-trafficking criminal gang, in San Pablo (EFE/ Isaac Fontana)

According to data from the Brazilian Public Security Forum (FBSP), 40% of 2,000 tonnes of cocaine Every year the world's production passes through the Amazon. The state of Pará, and especially the cities of Altamira and Barcarena, have become a very important transit point, with enormous implications for security, because in addition to cocaine, weapons also go there.

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In 2021, a ton of cocaine was seized from a drug trafficker from Rio de Janeiro. Belem To monitor large shipments.

Brazilian drug traffickers have become experts at transporting cocaine to Europe via purpose-built submarines. The only one captured in Brazil in 2015 was found by police in the heart of the Amazon, 70 km from Belem.

Ports have become a conduit for cocaine smuggling over the years. Also, divers from other countries have been hired to put the drugs in the water outside the boats. From 2016 to March 2022, 111 tons of cocaine were seized at Santos port. In 2019, the arrest of 16 passengers from the Costa Favolosa cruise ship caused a stir. A total of 306kg of cocaine was hidden in his carry-on bag without being detected by the terminal's scanners managed by a private subcontractor.

(with information from EFE)