June 27, 2022

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Analysis | What is Eurism like after the first presidential round?

(CNN Spanish) – The Colombians said the first round of the 2022 presidential election was enough for the traditional political class. According to CNN consultants. For many, these elections are a referendum against politics, The Europism And President Evan Duke, who ended his administration with the lowest reputation (27.5%), according to the most recent survey measurements. Invader Noticias Caracol, Blu Radio and El Espectador.

“The biggest loser in Sunday’s election was Eurobism,” political analyst Leon Valencia, director of the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation, told CNN. According to Valencia, the country voted against continuity in this Sunday’s election.

Euripismo has been in Colombian politics for the past 20 yearsBetween 2002 and 2006, from the first government of former President Alvaro Europe, then between 2006 and 2010. The leader is considered one of Colombia’s most important political figures of the past two decades.

However, his influence seems to be coming to an end.

“This is a big disagreement with (President Evan) Duke, a big disagreement with the ruling Democratic Center, so he is a big loser,” Valencia added.

The first round shows anger and fatigue, says Valencia 1:54

The first round of the presidential election in Colombia left an unexpected political panorama a few months ago: Gustavo Pedro and Rodolfo Hernandez, seen in Colombia Two options Not only Uribismo but also Uribe’s image has been tarnished by traditional parties, by former presidents who continue to be part of the political debate, and by the four-year government.

“Until 2018, Uribe was the best choice in Colombia,” political analyst Rafael Nieto told CNN.

In 2002, Uribe was elected to the first round with 53% of the vote; During his mandate, the constitution was changed to allow for re-election (not without controversy), and in 2010 he presented his candidate, Juan Manuel Santos, under the banner of his government. Santos was elected that year, and despite Santos’ second term (2014-2018) being an opposition to Euripismo, in 2018 the European candidate, Evan Duk, was elected president. The former president was so influential at the time that it was common for right-wing voters to say, “Let’s vote for the one who said the right thing,” which became part of the media coverage of the campaign. 2018 Y 2022It was used On political billboards Also referred to as Part of the purpose of voting Before the start of the current campaign.

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“Nothing to speak of, they beat us,” Ernesto Macias wrote on TwitterSenator of the ruling Democratic Center after the first round of elections — the party founded by Europa.

But to Fidel Cano, the magazine’s director ViewerWhat was left in the election was not the total defeat of Uribismo or his departure from the political game, but rather the exhaustion caused by the image of the former president for the past two decades.

“I think Euripismo is still playing”, Cono told CNN’s Carmen Aristegui. “What is happening is that the image of Alvaro Uribe is no longer attractive. There has been some sort of fatigue in the way he has managed the country and the elections for the last 20 years.”

A European ‘stigma’?

With Uribe’s influence, Congress was elected for many years with a Uribe majority or at least a right – wing majority. A fact that has changed On March 13, 2022When the majority of voters supported the Congress Left and the Central Left.

“He’s been a great voter in 20 years. He’s not now,” Nieto said.

“This is a fact that has been demonstrated over the past four years in the elections for governors and mayors in this government, and now (2022) in the parliamentary elections, and there is no doubt that this will not be a major voter. The 2022 presidential election,” Nieto added. According to this analyst, the image of the former president has been eroded in front of his site by the efforts of Santos and Duke: “It greatly illustrates the erosion of President Europe’s celebrity.”

Uribe recently admitted that any candidate who approaches him is “stigmatizing him by saying ‘Uribista’ there”.

Eurip responds to the judge who denied the injunction in the case against him 3:23

The Democratic Center, which led the Duke to the presidency, did not field a government candidate because Oscar Ivan Zuluca, who could be a betrothal of Euripismo, rejected his candidacy and openly supported Federico Guterres. Other Democrat politicians supported Figo, but he withdrew from this support, denying on several occasions that he was a European candidate.

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“Eurism, which dominates the political landscape, is at this political juncture, the reason why the campaign of ‘Figo’ Guttierez has deteriorated to such an extent that neither President Duke nor former President Eurip wants references to his campaign.” Political analyst Vicente Torrijos told CNN.

Moreover, according to Valencia, known facts in recent years involving Uribe or his governments –False positives, such as ‘Susadas’ or other cases being investigated by the former president– Colombians must distance themselves from this political system.

“They are exposing it. When the country’s rugs are tossed and there is a lot of blood beneath it, it hurts the European government, Uribe and the departments that came with him. It is in the conscience of the country,” Valencia said.

Has Euripism Changed?

After their defeat in the first round, Euripismo did not field a candidate, and whoever it backed out in the second round, with many claiming that the sector’s votes would go to the right – wing populist candidate, Rodolfo Hernandez. .

“I think a good percentage of votes are hidden behind Hernandez, with 20-30% of the vote (for Rodolfo Hernandez) the votes of Euripistas who decided that Hernandez was the best way to stop Petro. CNN Victor M. Told Eurip-UranProfessor of History and Law at Florida International University.

Commenting on Hernandez’s candidacy, Europ-Uran said, “I think there are many Eurip supporters camouflaged.”

“So I think the preference for Hernandez, on the one hand, represents a call for change, but on the other hand, a fear of a left-wing uprising in Colombia is very traditional,” Europ-Uran said.

Although there are many differences between that political field and Hernandez, they also have things in common, As Adam Isaacson told CNNDirector of WOLA, an NGO, explaining Europismo’s potential support for Hernandez’s candidacy.

“Rodolfo Hernández is not Alvaro Uribe’s choice. The uribistas are now backing Hernandez. Not because of the old relationship. Said.

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Isaacson, however, insists that Hernandez was “not a creature of Europismo, but some say that man represents ‘Plan C’ to be in Euripismo power.”

Moreover, in desperation to retain power, Euripismo set out to find a way to stop Petro, this time backing Hernandez.

Hernandez, however, rejected the general support of Euripismo and other traditional politicians, even though he had always said that Eurip would treat itself well. Only the Colombian people should obey. This Tuesday, Hernandez released With 20 variations on Twitter, according to him, he is with Euriphismo And the Duke government, endorsing peace talks with the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas and re-establishing ties with Venezuela, legalizing marijuana, respecting the right to abortion and rejecting hydraulic breakdown, or “fracturing” the production of oil and gas.

A “sentence” for traditional parties

Finally, Euripismo is not the only party to be defeated in these elections. Traditional Liberal and Conservative parties, former presidents César Gaviria, Andrés Pastrana (and Uribe, of course), supporters of candidate Gutierrez, and other major losers.

“It’s a vote for punishment in one area, a vote for change in another,” political analyst George Restrepo told Reuters.

“The national government, the political parties, the former presidents who control those parties. The traditional political class. But on the other hand, it’s a referendum for change, again: a referendum on national government, a referendum, so change is the situation for Colombians,” Restrebo added.

As Valencia told CNN, the outcome of the first round shows interest in change, but also the frustration and anger that people have over the current government and its power.

“Fico’s connection with President Duck’s government, which has done so badly, is overweight. There is a fatigue, and people are looking for new things, and they find them,” Valencia said.

Those are the “new things,” he says, the left and two, the “foreign” candidate who has never ruled Colombia, as many call them. Colombian ‘Trump’ “.

Re-election, Euripismo and scandals: What do Pedro, Figo and Hernandez say? 4:35