June 21, 2024

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Iran hijacks “Israeli-bound” ship in Strait of Hormuz

Iran hijacks “Israeli-bound” ship in Strait of Hormuz

Tensions are rising in the Middle East after a unit of Iran's army hijacked a cargo ship with a Bastoran helicopter.


Iranian state television announced a Cargo ship 'linked to Israel' seized Through Pastaran on the Strait of Hormuz.

Commandos of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). They boarded the ship from a helicopter In the Strait of Hormuz, about 80 km off the coast of the United Arab Emirates.

He MSC Aries Associated with the London Company Zodiac Sea, belonging to the Zodiac group of Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer. The Portuguese-flagged vessel left Dubai for the Strait of Hormuz last Friday.

You have disabled your tracking dataOne of the common ones is the ships of Israeli affiliates traveling through the region, the AP news agency reported.

Iranian officials had no immediate comment on the incident. However, the country's media has celebrated the actions of Iranian special forces against the “Zionist regime”. State news agency IRNA reported that the ship was being taken to Iranian waters.

The ship was seized with 25 crew members

The shipping company M.S.C 25 team members On the ship. “We regret to confirm that the helicopter owned by Cordal Shipping Inc, affiliated with Zodiac Maritime and chartered by MSC, has been boarded by Iranian authorities and has 25 crew members on board,” the Geneva-based company said. .

A video posted online and yet to be verified shows the moment Pasteran allegedly boarded the ship.

Official X.com account US National Security They posted a tweet in which they expressed their deep condemnation and reported the nationalities of the group members: Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Russian and Estonian. They also demanded the immediate release of the ship and its crew..

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Tehran will begin reprisals, possibly escalating

The Middle East was bracing for retaliation from Tehran following an alleged Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria earlier this month that killed 12 people.

Among the dead was a senior general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who once commanded the Quds Force.

Israel announced on Saturday that Iran would bear the consequences of the escalation. Destructive Israel's War Against Hamas It has fueled tensions in the Gaza Strip, prompting Biden to warn Iran not to retaliate or they will step in to support Israel.