June 24, 2024

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Camila Fabri spoke about the trial against her in Italy

Camila Fabri spoke about the trial against her in Italy
Federico PARRA / AFP

Camila Fabri, Wife of Colombian businessman Alex Chapin, He spoke of the trial against him for allegedly embezzling money in Italy for the first time. In 2019, Italian authorities seized 1 luxury apartment in Rome worth 4.7 million euros; In addition to the 1.8 million euros and 8 works of art, according to local media, the young 26-year-old is linked to the former model.

Fabri, in an interview with journalist Osmari Hernandez Cnn in Spanish, The judiciary confirmed that the practice was about political harassment and promised that they would try to use her as a “sacrifice” to follow in the footsteps of Chab, who is currently being held in that country with the permission of the US Treasury Department.

“When this investigation begins, I was subjected to political persecution, They used me as a sacrifice to go to Alex. They also created a character that insulted me in the media. What were they based on? They do not know me and say many untrue things. ”

Thus said the young woman When they got married he bought the apartment with Saab And now it can not live because, according to, it was destroyed. He admitted that the property cost more than மில்லியன் 4 million for the amount mentioned in the media and that they received it so that his daughters could live in Rome so as not to lose their Italian descent.

Fabriz also acknowledged the acquisition of the apartment by CNN en Español Made by Kinlock Investment Company, Created by his brother-in-law Lorenzo Antonelli. The funds are said to have come from agreements the Colombian businessman made with the Savista government in Venezuela.

“This company was negative, I had a debt in my charge I bought the house for this apartment, ”he said. He assured that Antonelli was one of the people they trusted the most. “He worked closely with Alex He is a very reliable person Ours, of the family, ”he added.

Because it was purchased through Kinlock Investment, he said Alex Chop was approved by the Office of Foreign Property Control in 2018. Later, he promised, the most severe persecution in the political sphere began and the banks closed his bank accounts, as well as his children’s bank accounts.

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The woman was not home when the apartment was recovered. Time De Colombia said at the time, officials were checking to see if there was any information leak about the deployment. But Fabre promised CNN en Español I had a difficult situation due to pregnancy One of his daughters was at the clinic receiving medical treatment when officers arrived at the scene.

Alex Chop, “Policies and Values”

Camila Fabri said she met Alex Chap at a restaurant in Rome. They exchanged glances, then their phone numbers.

“We met at a restaurant in Italy. He was on vacation in my hometown of Rome. I could see him looking at me. This time he had to meet my parents because my dad was very jealous and wanted to meet Alex. They immediately fell in love with Alex, “he said.

Journalist Gerardo Reyes, in his book Alex Chop: The Truth About The Billionaire Entrepreneur In The Shadow Of Nicolas Maduro I had already given some details of that moment. He pointed out that for a while the Colombian had a close-up photo on his WhatsApp profile A striking water blue human eye.

“Her friends called her a crazy girl,” Reyes wrote.

Fabri, always in reports to CNN en Español, confirmed that he had a financial solution for the rest of his life because his parents were working. So he said no He has There has been a radical change in her Their policies and values ​​were the same. “When I meet Alex, I meet a person who has the same values ​​that I have,” he added.

Alex Chop arrested and deported

Cape Verdein detained Alex Chap on June 12, 2020, in response to a request from Interpol for the United States. Last October, his deportation to North America was finalized, where the courts charged him with money laundering.

Fabri said she communicates with her husband through letters and phone calls when they allow their lawyers to enter. Entrepreneur You have 300 minutes a month to call your family, So you should separate them daily.

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“For the first 15 days (in prison in the United States) they were kept in solitary confinement. We did not contact him or his lawyers Even when they presented him at the first hearing, unfortunately, everyone saw how the media handled his image. He told me he was not getting any medication or medical help. But he said he was strong, determined and very focused on liberation.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Fear that, They take their daughters away because of political persecution. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

Who took over the business?

The model also assured everyone that the Colombian businessman in Venezuela has an organized team Managers of each business maintain the function. However, workers at Salva Foods, one of the SAAP companies located in the state of Vargas, have been protesting in recent weeks demanding payment of their wages.

Fabri said his family was living a financially quiet life and the expenses they incurred were the cost of any ordinary person. “So we’re not spenders, we don’t live much, We live with it for any family need”.

He confirmed that they had not received any funding from the government of Nicolas Maduro to pay for the protection of Alex Chopin’s millionaire. We are trying to maintain this ourselves, ”he said.

“Alex has been a diplomat since April 9, 2018, the same day I discovered he was called a Special Envoy. He has immunity. On the day he was abducted in Cape Verde, he traveled with a diplomatic bag with a letter to Iran’s top leader, and traveled with his diplomatic passport. He therefore claimed that Cape Verde had violated all international law.

“Alex started doing this after the Venezuelan government faced all the sanctions imposed by the United States. They appointed him to help all the people of Venezuela Bring food, medicine, raw materials and supplies for Govit-19 to combat this infection. Alex has always tried to help the Venezuelan people, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

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Fabri said that before meeting with Venezuela, Saab was said to have acquired Venezuelan nationality and that he had been appointed “special envoy” in accordance with the provisions of the law.

“I was not abducted in Venezuela. I have the freedom to go from here whenever I want. Also, the last time I entered here, I traveled to Russia, which was in October, before Alex Chop was deported and taken to the United States, where I return. This time I’m going to spend this Christmas here, my daughter is studying here, so I have no reason to travel at this time, but I can do it if I want to travel, ”he said.

Unbalanced quality of life

Colombian media Tempo The young model, who had a less important career like her husband, signed in 2016 The rent for a house in Barolioli is, 5,750 per month (,000 69,000 per year)., A luxurious neighborhood in Rome. This happened before buying the property with Saab.

The media pointed out that the woman started working in the store of a well-known clothing brand in 2012 and, with modeling aspirations, participated in a TV show. I had Unbalanced quality of life Compared to the income reported to the authorities (8 1,800 per month).

Then, in 2017 and a modest income, Bought a Rover Range Evoque According to the media, 54,000 euros. A year later, it bought the building in Via Conte for 4. 4.7 million. According to the investigation hypotheses of Italy’s Cardia de Finance, the model had swindled her husband’s money.

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