December 2, 2023

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Female lioness who wants to hug her caregiver is popular on TikTok (+ video)

Ecologist Valentine Gruner saved Sirka when she was a puppy.

Courtesy | This post, which was shared in September last year, has crossed 30 million views.

Ecologist Valentine Grooner has a close bond with a female lion named Circa, who saved him when he was a cub.

His story has made headlines and documentaries, but now, with his growing popularity on social media, his extraordinary friendship has caught the attention of TikTok users.

Gruner opened his profile on stage in April last year, where he shares his experiences with his faithful companion.

Last week he uploaded a compilation video of his adventures with Sirka, where he hugs him and plays with him.

His channel has over one million followers and nearly 19 million ‘likes’. His post, which was shared in September last year, has crossed 30 million views.

Valentin is one of the founders of the Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana. As he said in an interview with NBC News this Thursday, when he was just a few days into the circus, he found out that his mother had refused to feed him. Near dehydration and death, he saved her and then raised her in an environment with humans, but did not let her forget her wild side.

The cat will be a decade next year and currently lives in its own reserve near Kruner’s home.

Circa is too soft for such a big cat. When I go to see her she always hugs me like she is in the videos. In general, I think he is a very friendly and gentle person to a female lion, ”he commented.

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The popularity he gained on TikTok allowed him to publicize his work, which generally focused on wildlife conservation.

“We make a lot of question and answer videos and allow people to comment on this topic to answer any questions they may have. Circa is, in a way, an ambassador for nature and conservation or wild lions in nature, ”said the ecologist.

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