July 19, 2024

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Lone’s father made a serious accusation against Ladelina

Lone’s father made a serious accusation against Ladelina


Lon’s father makes a serious accusation against Ladelina.

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“Latelina’s lie is too bad. He may have heard an accident further away, but I don’t believe his version,” said the father of a missing five-year-old boy in Corrientes.

And I add: “Of course he covers for Antonio Benitez. I have no fault with them, we wished each other well, but we did not meet.”

On Saturday morning, Ladelina told lawyer Gustavo Rabino – By Corrientes Complex Investigations Prosecutor’s Office – While leaving the stadium where the lunch was held, Capt. Carlos Guido Perez died when his truck was hit by him.

He also insisted that Maria Victoria Kailava. Perez’s wife, then production director for the city of Nuevo de Julio, threatened to kill her so she wouldn’t say what happened.

Besides, Ladelina declared that Kailava had given his loan robbery “to action.” In the middle of the field, they are conducting an investigation into the disappearance of the child on the hill in the algarobal area and are continuing the search and rescue operation.

In that sense, Jose Pena said: “They definitely borrowed because they didn’t find anything here,” he said. “Ladelina must break, I always assumed she was here, I didn’t know she went to the orange grove with Ladelina, I found out when she told me, she told me first. I think it took a while to give me that information. “I don’t know what to believe in him.”

“Camila returned to Ladelina and they were always together. “There’s no way Ladelina saw something that Camila didn’t,” the person said.

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In an interaction with the media, Kadan’s father gave the assurance “If I had known this group of guests existed, I wouldn’t have come with a loan. “I was like that, I would have come alone.”

And he added: “The debt is unknown to other children, they belong to other families.” “Everyone says the target could be another of the minors. “Now we believe everything.”