June 15, 2024

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Colombian official Juan Carlos Puerto Rico reveals the face of Alex Chap

Officer / Alex Chop
Juan Carlos Puerto Rico | Photo: Diario del Cásar

Before the United States set its eyes on Alex Saab, who is said to be the forerunner of Nicolas Maduro Detained in MiamiIn Colombia, a police officer frantically pursued his activities until he reached the International Money Laundering Network.

In the footsteps of Alex Chap

The public is retiring today in 2018 Juan Carlos Puerto Rico, The former director of the Tax and Customs Police, was tasked with locating an unknown bankrupt Colombian businessman of Lebanese descent who was involved in an apparently imaginary export to Australia.

Saab drew attention to its high-level contacts with the Savista government and its subsequent purchases overseas for a subsidized food distribution program called the CLAP, amid the collapse of the Venezuelan economy.

Futroko was one of those who described the Colombian as “one of Maduro’s most important pioneers.”

“An investigation team has been formed with US federal agencies. This allowed us to advance in all financial analysis, in strengthening the charges (charges) against him and against other persons in the United States. Futroko said this in an interview with AFP.

Saab, 49, was able to escape a siege by Colombian police. But in June 2020 he was arrested during a stop in Cape Verde at the request of a U.S. judge, who charged him with money laundering.

Already in custody, he has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial in Miami in the early days of 2022.

Maduro failed to prevent Saab from being granted to the United States and was granted Venezuelan citizenship and the title of ambassador.

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In the following sections of the interview, Futroco describes the image of Chapin.

– Why is Alex Saab so important to the government of Nicolas Maduro?

He was with Alvaro Pulito (a fugitive), one of the leading figures used by the Maduro regime to monetize money needed for survival as a result of transactions in gold, fuel and CLAP boxes.

It is the brainchild of Alex Chop, one of more than 46 companies in the region. Saab has already carried out direct trade operations with Venezuela’s allies, including Turkey, China, Russia, Iran and Lebanon. But used leading companies and third parties in other countries that were not friends of the regime.

He received gold and made gold transactions to monetize and return to power. He also made a profit in the fuel business.

Through other businesses, including CLAP boxes, he was responsible for procuring all the materials and supplies needed to assemble CLAP boxes in various parts of the world – in Asia, Central America, South America and Colombia. Maduro’s government. This was done with very poor quality products and at extra cost, which allowed him to make significant profits, but also to other officials of the regime.

How did the sap money come from Venezuela?

All the assets of the Venezuelan people, as well as mineral resources such as gold and oil, were allowed to be traded abroad. Open accounts at tax havens including Switzerland and protect money not only for the regime but also for him. That was the illegal financial circle that allowed him to make a profit, but kept money and assets in the service of the regime.

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Activities are estimated at $ 350 to $ 500 million per year.

– What is the connection with Colombia?

In Colombia, a level of financial investigation into operators, leading individuals, and leading companies has been reached. There were about 46 companies involving more than eighty individuals, but the leaders were not identified.

All the intricacies involved: lawyers here and there, leading figures, moneylenders, moneylenders, businessmen, political leaders, negotiators and alternative recipients of money.

All the operators who formed the leading companies behind Alex Saab and Alvaro Pulito. Criminal businesses around interests to clean up money, make a profit, and allow the regime to survive.

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