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Russia pulls out of Open Skies deal following US unilateral exit

Russia pulls out of Open Skies deal following US unilateral exit


18 dic 2021 08:01 GMT

“Our efforts did not allow the agreement to be preserved in the form conceived by its authors,” the statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

This Saturday, Russia officially abandoned the Open Skies Agreement, which was ratified in Helsinki on March 24, 1992 and ratified by Moscow on May 26, 2001. The United States will withdraw unilaterally The agreement was reached in November last year and Washington’s European partners have given no guarantees to Russia that data collected during flights over Russian borders will not be released to Americans, or that Russian planes will not be allowed to fly over U.S. military supplies in Europe.

From the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stood out The agreement served as a “tool for building trust and security” and created new opportunities for objective and impartial assessment of member states’ military capabilities and military operations.

“Sadly, Our efforts did not allow us to secure the contract In the form in which its authors conceived it, it reads “a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry. The body pointed out that this agreement was the victim of an internal struggle of various influential groups in the United States, which certainly existed” in order to destroy the agreements previously reached in the area of ​​arms control.

The ministry stressed that the circumstances “did not leave any other option” and “pre-determined Russia’s withdrawal”. “We cannot and will not neglect national security interests,” he said.

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“Everything Responsible for the deterioration of the contract regime Rebirths At the beginning of the collapse of the Open Skies deal, To us“, Underscores Russian diplomacy.

America will leave

In November last year, The United States has completed its withdrawal Open sky deal, Announced In May 2020. The White House justified the agreement by saying it was already out of date Accused Russia is said to have breached the agreement.

At the time, Moscow called Washington’s motivation “unfounded” and lodged complaints with the United States about the implementation of the agreement. In response to Washington’s decision, the Russian Foreign Ministry Advertising That in January Moscow began internal procedures for withdrawal Of the agreement.

  • The Open Skies Agreement is one of the confidence-building measures in Europe after the Cold War. Allows observers to observe, photograph and videotape military operations in accordance with the agreed provisions, allowing its signatories to carry out aerial reconnaissance aircraft over the borders of any other member state.
  • This agreement regulates aircraft, controls the requirements for aircraft and technical parameters of surveillance equipment, among other specifications, enhances transparency and facilitates monitoring the implementation of agreements related to arms control..

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