February 21, 2024

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Users on social networks reject the aggression against Venezuela in Alicante


Caracas.- Adriana González, a Venezuelan journalist living in Spain since 2014, He was physically and verbally assaulted by two women who were passing by Drunk, they crashed their car in the opposite direction on a road in Rojales, Alicante province, Spain. The incident took place on the night of Sunday, February 26.

The act of racism generated all kinds of outrage and comments on social networks. Spain, Venezuela and The rest of the world rejected this fact. “I apologize In the name of true Spaniards. I’m sorry you went through that unpleasant moment,” one comment read.

Journalist Adriana González presents racist aggression in Alicante before Spain’s justice system

Among those who expressed their disapproval were various public figures, such as Spanish TV presenter Nagor Robles: “What a shame… his behavior is deplorable. How horrible that so many people go through this.. I hope they are already in jail.

“I’ve lived in Venezuela for 40 years and I’ve never felt offended or demeaned for the Spanish language. I always felt at home. “I apologize for the mistreatment of this Venezuelan woman,” said one of the Spanish channel’s moderators. Telecinco.

In a post on Instagram, Venezuelan journalist David Placer pledged to condemn Spanish television. As a result of the assault against Adriana Gonzalez, He had fixed cervical lordosis, a bite, a bunion on the head and an ankle sprain.

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He said there was a criminal case against the young Venezuelan journalist of Both women for drunken driving They put his life at risk and, moreover, he has another charge of hate crime and assault. “Yes, I am mad. I am a very respectable Latino”.

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