July 12, 2024

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Bokaranda Runrunes: Stop – The Friend Lula

“There are no irreplaceable presidents. It doesn’t exist… I want for Venezuela what I want for Brazil,” said Lula da Silva.

Friend Lula

Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, the current candidate for the presidency of Brazil, advocated for free elections in Venezuela this Monday 8/22. In a press conference with international media, the former president pledged to protect the transition in power and the possibility of that transition for Venezuela and his country: “There are no irreplaceable presidents. It’s not… I want for Venezuela what I want for Brazil. I want the elections to be free and the results to be respected.” ,” the Labor Party leader noted, as reported by Monitoreamos.

However, Lula rejected the policy adopted by the European Union and the United States to recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president. He called him a cheater.

Is the plane going?

Argentina’s ambassador to Venezuela, Oscar Laborte, established a position on the issue of the Venezuelan-Iranian flight, assuring that the ship was “hijacked” in Buenos Aires as per a court order. Due to these allegations, the South’s opposition demanded the resignation of the diplomat for associating himself with the Chavista speech. In an interview with AM 750 radio in Buenos Aires, Laborde said “there is a sense of injustice among the Venezuelan people.”

Argentine political leaders argued that Ambassador Chavista was “protecting” the interests of the dictatorship. Last week, a delegation led by red deputy and soldier Pedro Carreño gave Laborde a document protesting the possession of the plane. On that occasion, the official complained to the PSU president for insulting Argentine President Alberto Fernandez. Perhaps now, with the request of the lawyer Diego Luciani Vice President Christina Kirchner was jailed for 12 years After proving the vast corruption he is involved in, the Argentine ambassador changes his mind or his target…

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