March 24, 2023

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A Venezuelan student has been attacked in the United States for speaking Spanish on a school bus

Speaks Spanish on the school bus, L National
Photo: Capture of video spread on social networking sites

A Venezuelan family has complained that their teenage daughter was attacked with insults and beatings by a friend for speaking Spanish while returning home from school on a school bus in Ohio, USA.

The school administration has not yet taken action regarding the incident.

“We do not think such a thing will happen, it does not cross our minds,” said Freddie Palma, of Venezuela. Share what your daughter experienced With Telemundo News.

According to the Spanish-speaking American media, Isabella returned home on April 14 with “pain in the head and hands.” The teenager fears she will be raped again so she does not want to go to school in New Albany, Columbus.

Her parents had to take her to a health center to treat her injuries.


The Venezuelan teenager was returning home on a school bus, sitting next to her friend Antonella and speaking Spanish. The act you do everyday. “A child starts teasing her, following her, making fun of the way they talk,” her father said. Telemundo News.

“My girlfriend’s tells her to shut up, please, because they haven’t talked to him,” he added, and another minor walks in angrily and threatens them because “no one told her brother what to do.”

Palma explained that the attack took place as soon as she got off the school bus. In the video he shared on Instagram, you can see Antonella questioning the little girl in English who threatened them.

“When my daughter’s friend looked back, the woman brutally attacked her from behind.

After the argument, a fight erupts between several teenagers and Isabella (Venezuela) is attacked while trying to protect her friend.

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“I do not want to see her or her brother again,” Isabella said Telemundo News At the same time, he stressed that he was afraid to go back to school, although he assured that despite the incident, he did not plan to stop speaking Spanish.

“I do not care, I’m going to continue to speak my language, I do not care if people are racist,” he said.

Isabella’s parents said the school did nothing about it. The girl’s mother, Glenn Barroso, told the media that the school only offered a special class program for her daughter. Continue your educationBut in the distance.

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