August 12, 2022

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Chronology of the case of a young woman who died in Nuevo Lyon, Mexico

(CNN Spanish) – On the night of April 22, it was confirmed by the Attorney General’s Office in Nuevo Len, Mexico. Video posted on social media The “discovered body” corresponds to the body of 18-year-old Deborah Susanna Escobar Basaldova, “the cause of death was a deep concussion of the skull,” according to scientific evidence cited by the company.

A day earlier, state officials said there was a “lifeless body” on land near where Debenhi went missing.

And on April 24, the Nuevo Leon’s special prosecutor for female murders announced Deborah’s death will be investigated under the Female Homicide Code, a statement said. The decision comes after his family and friends said goodbye last weekend, amid calls for justice.

Tebanhi Escobar: One of the missing in Mexico

The young Mexican was last seen on the night of April 8 on the Laredo Highway, in the heights of the Nuevo Castilla neighborhood, in the municipality of Escobedo, Nuevo Lyon.

Ricardo Mejia Berdeja, Undersecretary of Public Safety, promised that the body would be recovered from the reservoir and taken to the Forensic Medical Service for autopsy, which would genetically determine if it was Debenhi’s body.

The attorney’s office in Nuevo Leon confirms that the body was found to be Debonie Escobar 4:44

Debenhi Escobar also joins the list of missing women in Nuevo Lyon, Mexico. Governor Samuel Garcia, Said at the press conference From the beginning of the year to April 17, 327 complaints of missing women were recorded, of which 289 were found alive, 33 were unaccounted for, and five were found dead.

From 7pm on April 17th to April 18th, authorities found seven women whose identities he showed on screen, but Garcia pointed out without clarifying whether they were alive or dead.

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The Deboni Case: Another dream shattered, another family ruined 1:28

In a recent report, the UN Office on Missing Persons Described the disappearances in Mexico He called it a dangerous event and urged the government to take action. The panel points out that federal, state and municipal authorities and organized crime are primarily responsible for these crimes.

Here is a chronology of what we know about the Debenhi Escobar case:

April 8: Debenhi dies

Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa went missing Friday night in the Nueva Castilla area of ​​Escobedo, Nuevo Leon. According to the official version, Debenhi came from a party and left Uber on the Nuevo Laredo Highway.

OK With information from the Attorney General of Nuevo LeonThe driver of the private transport said the 18-year-old girl got out of the vehicle at 4:24 a.m. in Carrera Vía Numancia and Carretera Vía Laredo.

The 18-year-old girl was last seen by video recording on the side of a transport company. At about 4:30 a.m., she went to the transportation company and tried to contact someone “without any record of her whereabouts by local staff,” the state prosecutor’s office said.

From there, a picture was taken that spread on social networks, said Ricardo Mejia, deputy secretary of public security.

Accordingly An Instagram account It may have been managed by Depanhi’s relatives, and the young woman went to a party with her friends, who called her a “trusted contact” to pick her up from the place. However, this connection did work “off the shelf”.

April 15: 100,000 Mexican pesos will be rewarded

Local Search Commission of Nuevo Leon A gift 100,000 Mexican pesos (less than US $ 5,000) for information helping to locate Tepanhi.

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April 21 – The body is found near the last place in Tepanhi

Office of the Attorney General of Nuevo Leon Reported Thursday night They found the lifeless body “in an abandoned water tank” on land near where Tebanhi went missing.

In a statement issued after 10pm on Thursday, the prosecutor’s office said it was working on “retrieving the body with the support of the state civil defense” and that the location “water reserve and depth were causing difficulties for department experts due to the conditions for abandoning the site”.

The report said at the time that it was “impossible to establish the characteristics of a non-living person” and that “wait for official news regarding these facts, which will be supported by relevant scientific evidence.”

The State Attorney’s Office indicated that the victim’s relatives had been notified and were being maintained by an interim committee.

April 22: Authorities confirm the body was that of Debenhi Escobar

During the daily conference Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador, President of Mexico, Ricardo Mejia Berdeja, Undersecretary of the Department of Public Security, provided details of the Debonie Escobar case.

Mejía Berdeja noted the previous day that “the body of a lifeless woman was found within the facilities of the Nueva Castilla Motel, Escobedo, Nuevo León, a short distance from where the young Debanhi was on the last occasion.”

According to the Undersecretary of Public Safety, the body was found four meters deep in a tank of water and was alerted by motel staff “before the stench began to blow from the area.”

Ricardo Mejia Berdeja showed satellite images of the Nueva Castilla Motel where a woman’s body was located. Source: Mexican Government Morning Conference.

Mejia said on Friday morning that the body had already been recovered from the reservoir and taken to the forensic medical service for autopsy and that it was genetically determined that it was the body of the young Tepanhi.

Friday night, the Nuevo Leon Attorney General’s Office confirmed Video posted on social media The “discovered body” corresponds to the body of Susan Escobar Basaltuva of Debenhi, “the cause of death was a deep concussion of the skull,” according to scientific evidence cited by the company.

CNN contacted DePanhi’s father, Mario Escobar, who said he was waiting for a live report when he was informed of the autopsy results.

The governor of Nuevo Leன்n posted a video on social media asking the state attorney’s office to make the case known “minute by minute.”

“I respectfully request the Attorney General’s Office to create an open lawyer’s office with glass doors and walls to testify to all that emerges during the autopsy. One, for the reassurance of the family; Try to avoid other cases like this, “he added.

Outrage over Debanhi Escobar case 3:38

April 23: “Because it’s a murder”

“Because it’s a murder … no matter who falls, no matter who crashes, I’m not going to stop to clarify this …” said Mario Escobar, Tebanhi’s father, outside the uprising in Capellas del Carmen in Monterrey.

April 24: Debenhi’s death will be investigated as a female homicide

The Nuevo Leon’s special prosecutor for female murders announced DePanhi’s death will be investigated with female homicide protocol.