December 8, 2023

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Boric reshuffled his cabinet in Chile after the new constitution was overwhelmingly rejected, giving the traditional center-left entry into his government.

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Carolina Doha of the Party for Democracy will hold the Interior portfolio.

Chile’s President Gabriel Boric announced a reshuffle of his cabinet on Tuesday, two days after a proposal for a new constitution for the country was rejected in a referendum.

It was the first change in government since Boric took power last March at a time of tension in the South American country, with the president’s popularity falling, inflation rising and rifts between the political coalition that supports him.

“I want you to know that I am doing this cabinet reshuffle with our country in mind, cabinet reshuffles In Chile they are always dramatic And it has its size”, Boric said at the end of the meetings.

It was one of the most difficult moments I had to face politically. We will do it for the Chilean men and women and for Chile,” he added, thanking those who walked away from the charges.

image source, Good pictures


Outgoing Interior Minister Ischia Cichs, who played a key role in Boric’s campaign for the second round of the presidential election, left his post in tears.


In this way, Entering the traditional center-left in his government: Doha was mayor of Santiago between 2012 and 2016 and a minister in the Bachelet government between 2009 and 2012. Uriarte, for his part, was Bachelet’s chief of staff during his second term.

Meanwhile, Giorgio Jackson, an old friend of Boric’s, held a position in the General Secretariat and was in charge of relations with Parliament. went into the background Upon appointment as Social Development Minister.

After a historic turnout of 13 million people – voting is mandatory in Sunday’s referendum – 62% of voters opposed the constitutional change, with 38% voting “I approve”.

“The people of Chile are not satisfied with the proposals and have clearly decided to reject them. This decision requires the institutions to work with greater commitment and dialogue until we arrive at a proposal that gives hope and unites us as a country,” Boric said. Sunday night.

Invitation only Three years after the social explosion This led to an agreement to convene the process of drafting a new constitution.

In October 2020, nearly 80% of voters in Chile voted in favor of changing the constitution and doing so through a constitutional convention.

However, the text that resulted from that process was widely rejected on Sunday.

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