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“You are a global event”: YouTube presents a posthumous diamond button to the family of Chilean boy Tomiii11 who died of a brain tumor


26 November 2021 13:32 GMT

He received the award after the channel reached 10 million followers on the video platform.

Relatives of 11-year-old Chilean ‘youtuber’ Tomás Blanch known as Tomiii11, brain tumor and Passed away On August 30, after the boy’s channel surpassed 10 million followers, they recently received the posthumous Diamond Button from YouTube.

The package arrived at his parents’ home on November 21, accompanied by a letter from an American company Video Posted by parents on Tomiii11 channel.

“” Hello Tomiii 11! When you reached 100,000 subscribers we thought, ‘Hey, this channel is great.’ You have reached one million subscribers and we realize that your success is not accidental. But 10 million ‘, you did not speak to us“, After opening the package, read ‘YouTuber”s mother.

His mother continued: “10 million subscribers is not just a round number, it’s more than New York City’s population.”

“To face it, You are no longer a major channel, you are now a global phenomenon. You hit the right key and you have an army of fans expecting a lot from you. We hope you will accept this Diamond Creator Award as a token of our appreciation and respect for all you have achieved. You are a strong inspiration to us daily, you have left us speechless, keep going, ”his mother concluded.

Relatives who read the letter cried and revealed the diamond button sent by YouTube. “Congratulations, son; congratulations, my dear,” the father showed the boy’s photo.

To increase followers, his mother said, “Thank you to all the people and all his ‘pops’ who have continued this campaign.”

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Tomiii11 became popular on YouTube last March, then the story of his illness Moved Within hours, his channel had amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers to social media users.

According to a story he told himself in one of his videos, he had been suffering from a brain tumor for some years.

After his story went viral, quickly, Got two trays from Youtube, One silver to reach 100,000 and one gold to reach one million.

In early September, after his death, the channel reached 10 million subscribers, after intense campaigning by his followers on various social networks.