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U.S. lawmakers challenge China with another official visit to Taiwan


26 November 2021 01:26 GMT

A Congresswoman said she had been warned by the Chinese embassy in Washington to cancel her island trip.

Five US Congressmen have arrived in Taiwan for a formal visit, despite warnings from China to withdraw from official ties with the sovereign island.

“When the news of our trip came out yesterday, I went to my office Definite message From the Chinese embassy, ​​asking to cancel the trip “, Has tweeted that Thursday by legislator Eliza Slotkin.

Then your office Shared “Excerpts from the NBC News letter,”Definitely The Congress woman should immediately cancel her trip to Taiwan and not support or encourage the separatist forces of ‘Taiwan independence’. Causing great damage Relations between China and the United States and for peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

The embassy did not respond to a request for comment from the US media.

Congress parties will meet Taiwan senior officials To discuss bilateral relations, regional security and other issues of mutual interest, “according to Reports Reuters, citing practical U.S. forces on the island. This is about Second visit Members of the U.S. Legislature in a month.

Earlier this month, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army I wear Out one Patrol Preparation for war near the Taiwan Strait, after it was known that a Army aircraft Taken from the United States Members of Congress Landed in Taiwan, a North American country.

‘Strategic ambiguity’

Tensions between Beijing and Washington escalated after President Joe Biden Announce, On October 21st, your Nation Will protect Taiwan In the event of an armed conflict with the mainland of China. Later, they noted from the White House that such statements did not represent a change in policy.Strategic ambiguityAccepted by the United States in connection with the island.

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Washington He was unidentified Taiwan is officially an independent country, but has the right to maintain it Special relationships With Taipei, it makes, in his opinion, its own decisions.

Beijing insists that any talks with Taiwan that ignore the Chinese central government violate its core policy One of China’s policy And the Rules of the Three Joint Statements signed by China and the United States.