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Peru’s opposition calls on Congress to remove President Castillo


25 November 2021 19:53 GMT

Conservative legislator Patricia Cyrinos from Avonza Pius encouraged the initiative.

A group of Peruvian legislators tabled a demand in Congress this Thursday against President Pedro Castillo’s resignation. May indicate your dismissal The local newspaper reported that it was said to be a ‘moral inability’ to use the post Republic.

“Members of Congress signed under the Republic are proposing the following motion on the agenda, thereby creating the demand for the vacancy of Mr. Jose Pedro Castillo Drones, who holds the office of President. The reason for the permanent moral impotenceSays a text advertised by Patricia Cyrinos, a conservative Congresswoman from Avanza Boise.

The initiative has the support of 28 members of right-wing groups Renovación Popular and Fuerza Popular, a party led by Keiko Fujimori, daughter of imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) and defeated by Castillo on the ballot. Last June ..

The signatories to the vacancy claim, Las Dynamicos del Centro, argue that the president’s “moral incompetence” is based on a case that is certainly known as money laundering. Opposition to its alleged links to left-wing terrorist organizations such as the Shining Bath, and pressure on the administration led to the dismissal.

“Moral impotence is Lack of essential moral qualities to use the postIt has nothing to do with government and state affairs, they are not secret, but public affairs, the document states, “and the president seeks personal benefit or the interests of friends because of the position he holds.”

In addition, they criticize Lima’s relations with the Venezuelan government, calling it “anti-democratic” and claiming that the Castillo-led administration and its messages create “economic instability”.

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Now it is

To put forward a vacancy demand, 52 congressmen must vote in favor of it, agree to debate it in the full session, and then have 87 votes to approve it and his departure would have to be effective, which affected his predecessor Martin Viscar (2018-2020). ), Despite being ousted with more than 60% popularity.

Congress has one assembly and a total of 130 representatives. In the previous one, coalition parties and even the opposition to the ruling Peruvian Libre had spoken out against an attempt to oust the chief executive in order to restore political stability in the country.

After the motion was formally tabled in Parliament, Castillo presided over an official action in which he noted the problem and was confident of its continuation: “I do not care about political noises, because The city chose me, I was not elected by the Mafia or the corrupt. That’s why I owe it to people, I keep quiet. The city should also be quiet. People are respectful, ”he said TVPE.

On Tuesday, the purpose of this opposition group, Castillo Preached For Congressmen who are promoting a vacancy motion against him, they should do so “in front of the people” rather than “within the four walls” of the legislature.

Opposition tensions against the left-wing president have been steady and deep since he took office 100 days ago, although he has already questioned all members of his cabinet.