June 24, 2024

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Terrifying predictions of Mhoni Vidente for Latin America and the world in late March

Terrifying predictions of Mhoni Vidente for Latin America and the world in late March

Mhoni Vidente is one of the most influential Spanish-speaking astrologers in the region, as the Cuban woman predicts situations in the world in general; Political, religious, natural phenomena, among others.

On different occasions, after the astrologer appears on social networks, the astrologer reading the horoscope steals the attention of a good portion of the internet users. Precisely, in the most recent, the viewer notes what will happen in the coming days before the end of March 2023, especially in the future of Latin America and the world.

Predictions for the last days of March

For a few days remaining in the third month of the year, an expert in the practice of tarot reading visualized that there would be problems in most regions; In fact, he does not rule out the possibility that it exists worldwide. With this in mind, many of his followers were alert as the seer was successful on different occasions.

This is how Mhoni Vidente appears on social networks. – Photo: Sir Moni

To Moni Seer, These days are classified as efficient and there will be a mental revolution. In addition, he mentioned the detailed war between Russia and Ukraine: “In the emperor’s letter he clearly says: I can’t win the war, but I can’t win it, so this is the intention of the Russian emperor Vladimir Putin.” Cuban astrologer.

“An uncontrolled war begins, a power struggle, and everyone knows that the war has spread in Europe, in Asia, almost in the whole world; it has affected the economy, it has affected the energy resources, it has affected all the food in different places and in different countries, you know that. They must stop it or it will lead to World War III“, he added.

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In the case of Latin America, the viewer refers to natural phenomena or, at least, telluric movements. “Unfortunately, it will take a month and it will be a seismic adjustment strategy, Earthquakes in South America, Chile and Ecuador have completely unleashed volcanoes”, according to collections Clarion.

Earthquakes are frequent in Colombia, some small and others very intense
Earthquakes are frequent in Latin America, some small and others very intense. – Photo: Getty Images / Vertigo3d

Similarly, the astrologer continued to talk about the climate in general. So, he did not rule out a possible “unprecedented” natural disaster in the coming weeks: “Departure of the North Pole, a completely frozen region, will begin to separate”Moni Seer said.

On the other hand, he addressed the singularity of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. According to the Spanish-speaking Pythons, the rest of the month will be “essential for sightings. And things from the universe, sounds from other planets, very strange things that are starting to happen… Humanity is starting to open its eyes.”

In the same vein, the expert on the subject spoke about the unknown life: “We’re going to realize that we’re not alone, we’ve never been”Published the above web portal.

Black Horoscope
Tarot reading shows people’s future. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Other fortune teller predictions

This is not the first time Mhoni Vidente has predicted situations that could leave some people cold. For example, at the beginning of 2023, he revealed: “Something is going to be seen in the sky, it is going to be very close to the earth, and it will start moving all the energies, positive and negative. .”

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Such an element would be “a meteorite that has not passed through the planet in more than 5,000 years. In the past it has caused changes on Earth.

For this reason, for the protection of bad energies, the astrologer usually enunciates various energy activating rituals such as “drink holy water or cut your hair”.