May 22, 2024

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World War III began

World War III began
I never thought I’d see an atomic mushroom in the movies, but now I have the chance to see it live. Elvira Nebiullina, the head of the Russian economy and the head of the Central Bank (she steers the Russian economy with her needles), warns of a winter crisis – like Europe, we are headed for the seventh economic sanctions. It will be a crisis, not in the financial sector, for the opposite reasons VegetarianismOtherwise mite Because it affects industrial structure and production of goods. Both Ukraine and Europe have definitely lost this war. Neither the US nor Russia seem ready to lose, reminding them of the fungus that is failing the human race. World War III in its postmodern form has already begun Mixed combat Frank Hoffman (2007) summarizes: combining cybernetic, communication, conventional, economic and military (if necessary) multiple attacks. A battle in favor of whoever can last longer for the time being. Last year I argued from this point with Vladimir Padrino’s book, The Ascent of Thucydideswho announced the possibility of war. He was right.

Communication warfare makes information about the conflict disappear Analysis on the networks tries to objectivity and fanaticism, even the “Putinist” Kissinger for Ukraine is not spared. Russians come from a terrible tradition of communist insecurity, they know how to survive without getting hot, and since 2014, as soon as they see the handle of the dagger, they separate themselves from the West and prepare to take a bath in cold water. That is why to punish her It is an unfathomable masochism with dire consequences. We are experiencing the tragic collapse of the global economic system into two blocs, though not in most countries. Allowed Russians, but only close allies of Europe and America.

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Ukraine is spending and it is costing the world incalculable, precious money, and its recovery is uncertain. Before the war he was already a failed status In economics. It maintained the same GDP as in 1990, despite the fact that only the poorest former socialist countries, Moldova, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Trotskyi countries, did not develop. Military spending is big business for America. Expensive defensive weapons, its liquefied gas is three times more expensive than pipe gas and it wins in economic terms, although it is scary to hear Borel say “this war must be won on the battlefield”, meaning that until the last drop of Ukrainian blood in six months, Russia controls 20% of the territory, Despite the fact that 28% of the population, and Western weapons hinder its progress, Russian artillery superiority is being lost.

Russia controls the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest source of electricity for Ukraine and the continent.. They destroyed infrastructure and industries with a loss of $160,000 million, half the jobs and refineries with another $200,000 million in damage. They occupy Ukrainian industrial zones and natural resources: 60% of coal, 42% of metal deposits, a third of rare earths and lithium (with which Russia can pay for the war) GDP will decrease by 45% this year. According to the WB, and banks face debts that lead to bankruptcy. Revenues are down 40%, finance costs are up 60%. scarcity It is growing by 5000 million dollars per month, which will be 50% of GDP this year. The recovery will cost about $400 billion.

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Who will cover Ukraine’s budget? And salaries, pensions, to be paid to doctors? They mass print the currency, devalue it by 25% and burn 1 billion coins weekly. They have the lowest gas reserves in Europe, only 20%. 15,000 million dollars and 15,000 worth to restore the electricity network. It received 12 billion in aid, with another 20 billion due by the end of the year. And 80 billion in humanitarian and military aid, but winning the war will cost more. External debt is insolvent, the government is not transparent, which is why support from France and Germany is waning. According to Bill Gates, the consequences will be dire and will haunt humanity for a long time, as an economic crisis unprecedented in a hundred years will erupt in the next few months.

America entered a recession, and a self-inflicted energy crisis drags Europe down 80% of our intake is derived from food shortages of wheat, cereals, corn, soybeans, sugarcane, oils and rice. From Russia-Ukraine sunflower oil 64% barley 19%, calories 12% consumed. Fertilizers came from Russia, and what we eat today was produced last year, so the price goes up. According to Gates, war drives us Stagnation, recession with inflation, falling global GDP, famines and humanitarian crises. They sacrifice Ukraine, which may wander, a kind of Haiti. Africa Risks Famine, Europe Becomes Third World (Scholes Advises Not to Bathe Too Much) Will the EU Survive? What the IMF said was that after the energy embargo on Russia, powers could remain.