April 15, 2024

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Duke Biden supplies Colombian oil after US contacts with Maduro

Duke Biden supplies Colombian oil after US contacts with Maduro
Colombian Oil, L. National
Photo: IvanDuque

Colombian President Ivan Duque, after the United States contacted Nicolas Maduro on the matter, handed over Colombian oil to his U.S. number, Joe Biden, to stabilize energy prices.

“Today Colombia is more capable of supplying hydrocarbons than Venezuela,” Duke told a news conference at the Colombian embassy in Washington. After meeting With Biden in the White House.

The first meeting between the two leaders was a US delegation visiting Venezuela on Saturday to discuss the release of US prisoners of war and the oil crisis unleashed by the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

Duke confirmed that he had spoken with Biden about the energy issue and said that Colombia was an actor who could make a greater contribution than Venezuela.

He said Colombia produces more than 890,000 barrels a day, with a target of reaching 1 million, and that Colombian oil accounts for 3% of U.S. imports.

In addition, he promised that the Colombian oil company EcoPetrol would be the “biggest investment” of a foreign oil company in the United States in Texas.

“Columbia will contribute to expanding its market share in the United States to the extent that the United States needs and to the extent of our capabilities,” he said.

Colombia and the United States have not yet recognized Maduro

Prior to the US delegation’s visit to Caracas, the Duke had stated that he had not changed his mind and that “Colombia and the United States did not recognize Maduro’s dictatorship as an intermediary.”

“It is important that the United States and Colombia call Cory Nicolas Maduro a dictator to establish democracy in Venezuela,” he stressed.

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White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki urged the United States at its daily conference on Thursday Maduro has not yet been identified As the “leader of Venezuela”, he severed diplomatic ties in 2019 by recognizing the interim president of the opposition Juan Quito.

The spokesman said the release of US prisoners was a priority of the trip and that although the energy issue had been discussed, there was no talk of importing Venezuelan crude to the United States or lifting sanctions on the country’s oil sector.

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