May 26, 2024

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The United States will declare Colombia an important ally against NATO

The United States will declare Colombia an important ally against NATO

(CNN) – Nominated by USA Colombia As a key NATO ally, US President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that this was a significant step from a symbolic and semantic point of view that would strengthen cooperation in security and economic matters between the two countries.

During his bilateral meeting with President Ivan Duke Marquez at the White House, Biden said, “I am proud to announce today that I intend to appoint Colombia as an important additional NATO ally.” “This is a recognition of the unique and close relationship between our countries,” he added.

Biden added: “Colombia is the axis of the entire hemisphere, north and south.”

The United States and Colombia already work closely on issues such as migration, drug trafficking and the fight against terrorism, and the US government has provided more than $ 10 billion in aid to the country since 2000.

(Credit: Nicholas Kamm / AFP via Getty Images)

“We believe that the partnership we have built is bilateral, bilateral and that over time this relationship will only progress to a higher level. And we appreciate your decision to appoint Colombia as a major NATO partner, because it is a recognition of the principles and values ​​we share,” Duke told the Cabinet. Said sitting opposite.

What does it mean for the US to appoint Colombia as a non-NATO ally?

As of January 2022, more than 15 countries have been designated as significant foreign allies.NATO Of the United States, including countries such as Australia, Japan, Israel, the Philippines and most recently Qatar.

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Key non-NATO allies are not entitled to specific security guarantees such as NATO membership, but the position changes as to how the US military interacts with the country. State Department fact sheet. Such allies could borrow goods and supplies, act as a base for US war reserves, and enter into training agreements with the United States. In addition, private companies in the designated country may bid for contracts to maintain, repair, or modify U.S. military equipment overseas.

The move comes at a time when the US is working to promote global geopolitical aggression without Russia’s provocation against Ukraine and to strengthen its NATO security in Eastern Europe.