June 26, 2024

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Trump’s behavior with women is once again dominating the political scene

Trump’s behavior with women is once again dominating the political scene

Former Women’s Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll says.

Former President Donald Trump’s treatment of women, which has marked his political career, has returned to center stage in the investigation into his alleged rape.

Former Women’s Advice columnist E. Jury selection is set to begin Tuesday in the case filed by Jean Carroll.

Trump, who is not expected to stand trial, called the allegations a “total fraud.” Carroll, who is seeking unspecified damages, says her lawsuit, inspired by the MeToo movement, demands accountability from representatives of leading men.

“I’m filing this lawsuit not just for myself, but for every woman in America who has been harassed, sexually assaulted, spoken out, belittled, humiliated or fired,” Carroll said. the beginning.


The investigation also recorded Trump being under the microscope with women as he tried to return to the White House. But it remains to be seen in Trump’s case whether the coercive investigation will cause a crisis for most candidates.

“To the extent that the confusion surrounding Trump is his biggest challenge, it reinforces this narrative,” Sen said. said Alex Conant, a Republican strategist who helped Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“What I hear a lot from Republican pollsters is that they’re tired of the constant drama that comes with Trump,” he added.

Trump’s political rise has been plagued by criticism of his attitude and behavior towards women: he has personally insulted fellow Republican rival Carly Fiorina, with her former misogynistic comments about him. Fox News, Megyn Kelly disparaged the former Miss Universe and for all her rude comments, recorded by an inadvertent open mic on “Access Hollywood,” nearly derailed her 2016 campaign and prompted an unusual apology for what she called a “locker room.” chat”.

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During the campaign and during his presidency, a dozen women, including Carroll, accused him of sexual assault and harassment. Trump denied all the allegations. Other cases were dropped or dismissed, but Carroll survived.

If Trump wins, Conant said, it’s another example of how he’s defeating what he calls hypocrisy. If you lose, the impact of the circumstances on the verdict. Carroll is asking for unspecified damages and a reversal of Trump’s denial of his demands.

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