July 17, 2024

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Machiavelli did not like bullying

Machiavelli did not like bullying
“…in war the young die, the old make peace” (Achilles, blinded by jealousy, shouts at King Agamemnon for taking Briseis from him)

Adam and Eve make the first political mistake and are eventually expelled from Paradise They became human and victims. “You will be like gods,” they were told, not doubting the words of a viper or wary of possible consequences. Machiavelli calls it Adverse effects of an act which dissolves the object sought. I exemplified it in a less metaphysical way once, when someone who had to download the book was half-hanging in the library looking for a stool out of laziness. If he doesn’t reach the goal, if something is not broken, he has to rearrange the furniture and books. They are frequent in everyday life, but in politics they represent collective threats; Getting failures and not understanding why. Various fields call these “unintended harms”, “collateral effects”. Boomerang effectthat Asymmetric warfare, revolutionary One War of all peoples, the result sought. Machiavelli develops the concept of political folly (for example, not running in the 2017 and 2018 elections or refusing to talk to the Maduro government in 2019) to define actions that turn against the intentions of those who take them. Instead, the target is inside World Trade Center, It killed thousands of people to terrorize the earth.

Improper outcomes, failed policy, its means and actions are far from resultsThey also call it the “swamp effect”: The more it moves, the more it sinks. At the turn of the century, Putin wanted to be respected by “the West” and loaned America its bases for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they paid it back by advancing toward NATO’s borders until they changed strategy. “West” seems like a big mistake. German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was murdered by the Nazis. Führer. Author of a wonderful work on stupidity, he defines “Without experience One who benefits another in return for indifference (but). Stupid He who does it in return for enmity. In the midst of that constellation of absurdities that Marx destroyed and Engels corrected, a Hegelian category appears, “alienation”: “The worker is denied the product of his labor, the surplus value taken from him, alienated labor”, and to free himself. He wanted to “dissolve the capitalist order and adapt the means of production”.

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Incalculable destruction brought that monumental folly to mankind 170 years later Communist Manifesto And his failure Nausea in all versions, the melody still sounds. With different languages ​​and formats, we hear it Employers And workers (One poor And rich) There are Enemies, although concave and convex, is indivisible to produce wealth. He A failed politician Machiavelli’s he makes decisions toward a goal. He seeks power, but abysses of error divide him. The essential team of Adverse effects, in addition to pure and simple nonsense, ideological nonsense, for example Marxism. Revolutionaries, demagogues, profess their love for the workers and rule in their name, leading them to misery and corruption because society cannot control them. Deng Xiaoping, who suffered defeat, did not assassinate Mao through Zhou Enlai’s mediation, succeeded and in the late seventies “market socialism” began, turning China into a major “capitalist” power.

Revolutionary power demands “free hands” to do good to the people (dictatorship of the proletariat, direct democracy or whatever they call it) because constitutional separation of powers is “bourgeois democracy”, another brilliant contribution of Marx, (today’s “neoliberalism” to his misguided followers). “Perverse consequences” Stalinism, Maoism, Fidelism, Titoism, Polpotism, Allentism, all countries that believed in revolution, half of humanity’s self-destruction, and then in 1989 the end of cinema. This planet existed until the war broke out. In Ukraine, there is an old marriage between the US on one side and China-Russia on the other, but a revolutionary Trump decides to destroy it by force instead of competing with a forward-looking China. . Divorce disarms peace and puts the world on edge and in case over assets, China-Russia backing wins so far Sotto voice Most of them are from Africa, Asia and Latin America, while the US joins a divided, self-weakened and deindustrialized Europe, which is looking for new links with China at the last minute.

Poland, the most aggressive in demanding anti-Russian sanctions, is also a top customer of Russian energy, not to mention Ukraine. What has been defeated so far are “Western values” and democracy, even within America, and they don’t analyze it. The federal government and a group of states of the union maintain a destructive, collectivist and statist economic model in the Third World style and the two luminaries of the past, New York and California, remain impoverished, although fortunately another group, led by Florida and Texas, prosper. Among the dire consequences we are experiencing is America losing global economic and political leadership, rocked by racial violence and organized crime in public spaces, yet refusing to even limit the bearing of arms. Civilians with combat rifles were on display at the Rifle Society event. Biden made a strong statement about it.

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He Adverse effect Sow a war in Russia, and the results are such as to destroy dangerous world peace, with the new polarization not in favor of “Western values”, the “garden” will wither. The gas embargo has led Russia to eagerly seek alternative markets and the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are deciding to strengthen their ties. Bullying. There is its disconnection from a set of sanctions against Russia fast, the global system of payments in dollars, (more than 100 countries, 12 thousand banks, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) disables Moscow to collect or pay for exports and imports. But there is Unintended consequences Economic embargo: Since half of North American IP comes from simple global use of the dollar, the BRICS decide to conduct transactions in their own currencies and make the dollar the basis of transactions. Senator Marcos Rubio analyzes that the US “can’t let anyone down” soon with the move. A forgotten lesson says that a cornered enemy is deadly, and that “so much pitcher goes to the source…”

Each of the BRICS had its Saturday slam. But at the last minute, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, as quoted by Rafael Alberto Martinez, that “sanctions against Russia put the dollar’s hegemony at risk” (World news) even dogs in the street bark from the beginning. The earthquake is the first time BRICS, with the majority of the landmass and 40% of the population, is the only thing comparable to the GDP of the G7, shocking geopolitics. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina, Nigeria and others are looking to join the club. They did not consider that New World Order Democracies coexist with autocracies. BRICS has been dormant for years and this acceleration is due to the unleashing of Trump and Biden. Bullying Insufferable, unruly and brutal, they lose their sense of reality through the drunkenness of serious economic sanctions that sow war with Russia and want to forcefully recruit the laboratory, not theirs or anyone else’s, into that conflict. Rand Corporation.

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To say that democracy won is blind or worse. Few today question the fact that Angela Merkel was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit, which has only been awarded by three German leaders, Konrad Adenauer, the first chancellor since Nazism, Helmuth Kohl, who unified Germany, and herself. They criticize Russia for blocking Ukraine’s entry into NATO in 2014, as Martinez says, for preventing Russia from destroying the poor country ten years ago, and for Germany’s dependence on Russian gas, which it replaced with another dependency at four times the price. A frightening date is coming: a counteroffensive to “recapture” Dombas and Crimea, another slaughter of defenseless boys. According to Financial Times 35,000 Ukrainians without ammunition, disarmed, leader or leader, in front of 140,000 Russian soldiers, separated by territory cut by super artillery, air control and Russian anti-tank explosives. Someone needs to stop the carnage that will make Ukraine’s livelihood impossible if it uses depleted uranium weapons, which Russia has also had for centuries on land and pollution, cancer proliferation, genetic defects and other misfortunes. Betting on Ukrainian defeat to keep part of Polish territory. As we said at the beginning of the war, Europe will fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood, and then the planters will come. Machiavelli was right.