July 12, 2024

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Video: They captured the shocking moment a giant black cloud left Istanbul in the dark

Video: They captured the shocking moment a giant black cloud left Istanbul in the dark

Shocking images of the exact moment a giant black cloud left Istanbul, Turkey, emerged from the darkness for several minutes and have gone viral on social media, creating panic and confusion among people and internet users.

Images trending on social media show how a giant cloud begins to cover the entire city of Istanbul, preventing any rays of sunlight from passing through for five minutes, just like at night.

The cloud that shrouded Istanbul, leaving it in darkness, was approximately seven and 10 kilometers long, and after five minutes, which seemed like an eternity to many, the cloud moved away, allowing sunlight to re-enter.

How can we explain this extraordinary event that left the city of Istanbul in the dark?

Meteorologists were responsible for dispelling all doubts and fears people might have after this extraordinary event.

According to ACN, Meteorologists have already explained what the giant black cloud that passed over Istanbul actually was, and that it was actually a cloud known as a ‘cumulonimbus or cumulonimbus’.

The World Meteorological Organization (WHO) Cumulonimbus defines a cloud as one of the most threatening, dense and powerful clouds in the atmosphere.

These clouds form when the sun heats the earth’s surface, thereby warming the air near the earth. In addition, another factor for the birth of this type of cloud is that it is loaded with a lot of water, which gives it a black color.

In fact, being loaded with water, it becomes denser, which is why it blocks the path of sunlight.