October 2, 2023

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Today the UN is celebrating the world’s population reaching 8,000 million World | T.W.

The United Nations symbolically celebrates this Tuesday (11.15.2022) that humanity has reached eight billion people, a date worthy of reflection by its Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on the current state of the world and the crises it causes. passing through

Among these crises, Guterres points out in a statement, “one that is not usually addressed by the media: greed. We live in difficult times, but it is not without hope,”

“By mid-November, the world’s population will reach eight billion people, witnessing scientific advances and improvements in nutrition, public health and hygiene. However, as it increases the human family, it is further divided,” says Guterres.

Billions of people have serious difficulties; Hundreds of people starved and even famine. People are on the move in unprecedented numbers, seeking opportunity and trying to overcome debt and hardship, wars and climate disasters, he says.

Unless the yawning gap between the haves and the have-nots is bridged, we are headed for a world of eight billion people dominated by tension and distrust, crisis and conflict, the UN chief predicted in a lengthy essay.

A flea market in Mumbai, India.

With the world population reaching 7 billion in 2011 and estimated to rise to 10.4 billion by 2100, the pace of world population growth has been slowing since the 1970s, falling below 1% for the first time. For data provided by the UN as of 2020.

Damian, the 8 billionth inhabitant of the planet, was born in the Dominican Republic

Born at Santo Domingo’s Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia maternity hospital, Damian’s arrival in the world has created great anticipation as the first child born in the Dominican Republic to symbolically contribute to the world’s population of 8,000 million people. .

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With its 2.77 kg and 52 centimeters, the undisputed protagonist of the night of this Tuesday, November 15, 2022, a date that marks a milestone in terms of population growth, bringing the world population to this figure United Nations Population (UNFPA) is visible under the slogan 8 billion Stronger.

The hospital’s Department of Obstetrics Manager Dr. Michael Trinidad and his team assisted the 35-year-old mother in giving birth, which the obstetrician explained was “without any complications.” 8,000 million people should be brought into the world.

Sonia Vasquez, UNFPA’s national representative for the Dominican Republic, who attended the event, confirmed that the child’s arrival “reflects the hope that all children born on this planet (…) will receive their conditions. That’s what we’re looking for, zero maternal mortality, zero morbidity, zero diseases.” and Health”.

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